Artscape Follow Up

Here’s the actual sets from my notes:  So many I don’t remember most.

  1. Foreign girl walking her bike, walked with her went okay ran into her friend I was like, “Introduce me to your friend,” and she looked at me like who does this guy think he is.  I bailed shortly after.  Not a bad first set.
  2. Indonesian girl, got the number.  Told her I’d text her later.  Texted her later she could tell I was drunk.
  3. Big tits 6 seemed into it until I told her she was cute, then her smile faded and she ditched me.
  4. Hawaiian shirt two set blow out, but nice about it.
  5. Couldn’t yad, too many people around, but this girl was a stunner.  Walked with her it was a three set, she was busting my balls I stayed in set but bailed.  Should have fought through the pain.
  6. Huge tits chick called her a trapeze artist was busting my balls stayed in set but I “was not fucking fazed man.” That’s what my notes say.
  7. Two set stopped but my ammo was weak and they bailed, made the fatal mistake of paying any attention to the friend.
  8. Asian in a cocktail dress think it was right in front of her boyfriend and he just stood there helpless.  I know it’s wrong but I love when that happens.  Probably because that used to be me.
  9. I bailed jogger older lady not my strongest set.
  10. Not a great target, but I went for her because she was solo.  I fought like a champ through the boyfriend objection, but she still wasn’t having it.
  11. Holy shit.  Russian amazing chick.  My kind of girl.  Used the Matador shit, she was into it, I was good but didn’t drop the potato and vodka jokes soon enough and she was like, “Nice meeting you.”  I’m making progress with these ones but it’s slow going.  I will get the nines eventually.  Starting to feel entitlement.
  12. 17 year old sarge.  She was hot, told me she was seventeen I ignored it and kept plowing about her looking like a vampire.  It was a two set, they ditched me.  Should have said, “What does that mean to you?”
  13. Big tits big girl seemed into it we’ll see.  That’s what my notes read.  Texted her later. Crickets.
  14. Edgar Allen Poe bag, blow out escape kinda funny?  Ah that’s what my notes said. Now I remember.  She like waited til something distracting happened and took off, it’s like she was trying to be polite at first, but then was like, “I need to get away from this guy.”  You just gotta laugh.
  15. Last set.  Two set.  At the bar, married chick, told them one of my favorite stories that I think is a DHV.  Went and sat with them.  Thought I was gonna get a make out from the married chick as we were joking that she’s allowed to make out with girls on her trip and I jokingly told her she’s in luck because I have a vagina.  DLV?  Haha, I don’t know, probably.  Anyway, no make out.  I went and got some food and went home.

So not a bad day for the sarge.  My highest amount ever.  Resulted in two flakey numbers, but hey, I had to do some shit I’ve never done before.  Walking with three sets, not easy.  Anyway, I think I saw a hard sarger that was with a group.  His targets were pretty weak, but he might have just been getting started.  Wanted to talk to him, but he brought his two set to meet up with his group so I would have had to stalk longer.  Oh well.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about what where I went wrong with the Burmese girl.  I don’t think I qualified her enough, and it may have been to quick.  I’m starting to wonder if my read was wrong, and she really was upset that I tried to make out with her after she turned me down the first time.  Doesn’t feel great.  I didn’t get into this to be a snake (even if that’s my fucking name).  I got into this to have great interactions with great girls.  Anyway, hindsight is whatever it is, guess I’ll never know.  Sent her a feeler text, a little callback humor from our date and I know she read it, but she didn’t respond.  Back to square one.  Anyways, I’m leaving for the beach now.  My goal is to do ten sets a day.  We’ll see if I pull it off.

Sarge Hard!

Personal Record


Did fifteen or sixteen sarges today.  My personal record.  Felt good, even though only two of them ended up in numbers and both of those numbers have already fallen off the map.  Oh well, it was a good exercise in not giving a shit.  So many of these sarges were horrible.  Young girls in groups not giving me the time of day.  But that’s cool because I always remember, it’s not the nice easy sarges that make a PUA.  If it was nothing but straightforward easy sarges where girls did everything you were expecting  to do, everyone would be a PUA.  But the truth is, a lot of the time it’s fucking terrible sarges that make you look like a creepy loser.  You gotta be okay with that to advance in the field and I think that’s why so many guys don’t.

My phone was dead when I got home, I had to walk so far through the ghetto to get here since my phone was dead, so I can’t recount my sets at the moment.  I’ll just say this:

I’m drunk, tired, horny, annoyed, cocky, contemplative, and duuuuurrrrrrr.  Have a nice night.

sarge hard

No Means No


No means no, guys. Except when it doesn’t. Except this time it did.

So I had asked Burmese girl out for coffee.  I met up with her and was my charming self for the first thirty minutes or so.  I told her we should go for a walk.  So we did.  In the blistering Baltimore heat.  We went to the Baltimore Museum of Art and walked around in the nice cool air conditioning.  I was kino-ing, touching her lower back, arms, thought it was on at one point while we were sitting down looking at a painting and I didn’t go for it.  We walked around some more.  By the way, she’s 20 and I told her I’m 30, making her 17 years my junior.  Yippy skippy.

We got into one room and I grabbed her and tried to kiss her.  She wouldn’t let me.  I, of course, didn’t act butthurt about it.  I just acted like whatever and she kind of warmed back up to me.  We walked around some more then had to go because her meter was going to expire.

So we got outside and while we were walking down the street I said, “See that stop light?  When we get to it I’m going to kiss you.”

And she was like, “No!  Don’t you want to get to know me better before you kiss me?  I could be a psycho.”  And I just didn’t respond to her bull shit.  She stormed off and walked quickly to the stop light.  I took my time, doing a pretend tight rope walk, building momentum.  As I got there she said, “How about on the cheek.”

I stopped, looked at her, and pointed to my cheek.  As she was just about to kiss me, I turned my lips toward her and she spazzed out!  No kiss.

She was like, “No means no!”  Mind you, she had never said no before, she just didn’t let me kiss her the first time.  Funny thing was it would have been just a silly little peck.  She was furious, but to be honest I thought it was just a little bit silly.  Like she was mad the way my little niece gets mad, like I didn’t feel real fury behind it.  I think she’s used to dealing with pussies.  Anyway, now we’re walking together in silence.  I’m trying to not give a shit.  As we walk by some old black lady I nonchalantly go, “Hot enough for ya?”

I think that saying that was key.  The Burmese girl was like, “You’re such a dickhead.”

I made some joke and started acting normal and she had no choice, but to bend to my superior frame.

When we got to the car I was like, “Nice hanging out.”  She went to give me a hug and I thought about trying to plant one on her again.

She was like, “You were gonna try again weren’t you?”


But I didn’t.  I wonder if she secretly wanted me to.  I kind of had the vibe that if I would have tried the third time she would have really been pissed, so I decided not to.  Maybe that makes me a pussy, I don’t know.  I’m learning how to read the signs and right now I feel like a girl saying “No means no” probably means hang back.  For now.

Anyway, now I’m off to artscape, and I’ll probably run into her there.  And hopefully when I do, I’ll be in the middle of a sarge with some big tittied blonde with an ass that tastes like french vanilla ice cream.  Shout out to Clarence Worley.

Sarge Hard!

Right into the Granny Zone


Hit the mall nothing there.  After a while I opened this lady who was 53.  Ha.  She had nice tits and tattoos and a dress on.  It blew her mind.  She loved it so much.  She was like, “No one has done this to me in a very long time, you’re awesome!”

She was married and her husband has the same name as me.  Afterwards I listened to a Tom Torero podcast and realize I could have plowed through.  Dang it.  I didn’t.  Anyway, think I got a date lined up tomorrow with Burmese girl and pink hair sounds keen but busy.  We’ll see when I get back from the beach.  Anyway, not going out tonight as I’m going to a flea market with my dad tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.  I kinda wanted to ditch him and sarge tonight and tomorrow, but who knows how much longer he’ll be around so I want to hang out with him while I can.

Sarge Hard

Polish Sausages and Being a Beginner


I remember reading RZA’s book and he talked about being a beginner and how you shouldn’t be afraid to be a beginner.  I’ve come (to my mind) a long way in daygame and it feels fucking great.  But night game is new and scary and I’m a beginner and I don’t like it I’m out of my comfort zone and girls and venues are scary and OMG and like oh my god!

Seriously, night game is terrifying.  Bitch shields and shit tests and AMOGs!  I don’t deal with any of those big scary things in daygame.  Now the funny thing is, take a guy who does night game and put him in a daygame situation, I bet the fear is equal.  But I’m not in the situation, I’m in the situation where night game is scary.  But tonight I went out and did it anyway.

I was planning on just gutter gaming.  But there was nothing on the streets.  So I got to the end of the strip and I saw two 7.5s sitting together inside a bar at the bar.  I was terrified.  But I talked myself into it.  I said, “Cobrantula, go for it! Worse thing that happens is you get blown out.  You’ve been blown out before.”  And so freaking the fuck out, I forced my feet one after the other to enter the venue.

I got a water and stood there terrified.  After what seemed like forever, I forced myself to just go for the Matador shit I watched on youtube.

I walked by the girls and kind of stopped, halfway uninterested.  And I delivered the lines about female jealousy.  And they were intrigued.  So I told the story and they start qualifying.  And it goes well. I ask for their names, they won’t give them to me, so I say, “Well if you won’t give me your names I’m just gonna make them up.  You’re Minnie and you’re Mickey.”  They were laughing it up.  The one who was Minnie said, “Well at least I’m not a guy!” And I was like, “Oh my god!  Are you calling your sister a guy!  That is so rude!  You are so mean!  I bet you picked on her a lot when you were kids!”  They were eating this shit up.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was kino-ing and being awesome.  I became very aware that I was standing and they were sitting so I pulled up a chair and told them I had to leave in a second.  They were Polish sisters and they were both good looking.  I was so proud of myself.  More shit happened I’m blanking on, but at a point way to early in the interaction (for night game, mind you, not daygame) I asked for the hotter one’s number and she turned me down coldly.  I said something like, “I’m not gonna cry over it” trying to be cool and I think it went okay, but I realized afterwards I should have tried much harder to win them.  The hotter one did give me an IOI, she asked me a question, but I thought (wrongly) that that was enough. I’m still learning.  So I left with my tail between my legs.

But the good news is I went for it when I was scared to, got over some female shit test, spiked some buying temperature, and had a pretty decent little interaction.  So go me.

There was also some texting with the Burmese girl.  Moon Rooster called what I called over gaming “non gaming” but I think he has just been out of the game for so long he doesn’t even know what to look for anymore.  However, he is getting back into it so props to him.  Dude will be slaying pussy before the summer’s over hopefully.

Anyway, I’m going to eat a cheese steak and mozzarella sticks and watch some shitty TV before I go to bed, wake up, and go to Georgetown to run some more game.

Sarge Hard!

Burma Girl and the Playboy Bunny


Tits tits tits.  I love tits.

I didn’t open many sets today, I think I opened three, but I got two numbers so it’s actually a good day.  One of them seemed like it, well, oh just read below:

  1. Black dress, nice tits, slow walk.  I saw this girl a couple of times before I opened her.  I opened her and she was into it.  She’s from Burma.  She loves herself very much.  She said I was funny.  I kept saying funny shit, it was just easy to make her laugh and I liked doing it, even though it might be shooting myself in the foot.  She’s 20 years old.  I finally learned my lesson and lied about my age.  Told her I was 30.  I accused her of being a bad girl, the girl that acted all sweet and innocent but was actually a bank robber in her spare time.  She has guns, she said.  I couldn’t tell if she was fucking with me and said so.  I probably could have insta-dated her, but she already had a coffee in her hands and I didn’t think to bring her to the food court.  Might hit her up tonight actually, we’ll see.
  2. When talking to the Burma girl she mentioned a different mall that I’d never been to, so I got in my car and drove over there.  It was huge, but not exactly a target rich environment.  I bet it would be good on the weekends, though.  Might have to try it if I don’t go to the beach.  Anyway, I see this chick in all black, big ear holes and a spider tattoo on her neck.  I opened her and she said she was on her lunch break, but that I could walk with her.  So I did.  I was struggling with this one as we were moving and I’m not used to that, and bailed when she got in line for pizza.  Whatever, weird new shit have to learn to deal with.
  3. Last set of the day.  I see this chick with a big ass (big but nice) and blonde hair that turned pink halfway down.  She had a shitty playboy bunny tattoo on her lower back that I could see and a big “Surrender Dorothy” scene from Wizard of Oz tattoo on her arm.  Said it was her favorite movie.  She didn’t let me get to close to her, at first I tried to close the gap, she wasn’t having it, so I body rocked back on one foot to show I was fine with it.  I thought she was gonna bail at any second, but she stayed in set and we were in it for a while.  She said she was gonna be in my town that night and I kinda suggested we get together, but she wasn’t having it.  I thought the set was dead in the water.  Her body language was all closed off, pupils not dilated, standing a little too far away from me.  But who the fuck knows because at the end I was like, “Look, I think you’re cute and I want to take you out some time.”  And she was cool with it, gave me her number and called herself even.  So who the fuck knows.

That was it for sets.  I’m reading so many of YaReally’s archives and getting all inspired for night game.  But goddamn do I love daygame.  And when you get girls’ numbers it’s the shit.  I think it’ll be even more the shit when I finally start banging a couple of them.

Text exchanges of late:

yes girl i went on a date with follow up:

me yesterday 7:16 pm: chipotle never gets old

her 10:32: Wasn’t there another virus that broke out from there?

me next day 6:16 pm: Yeah I got it now I have mutant powers

She hasn’t written back since.  Dang it was gonna try to get her out tonight.

big tits from night game:

her denying me two days after i asked her out but one day before we were supposed to meet: hey can’t make it going to a bachelorette party i’ll be gone until the following thursday

I was all butthurt and thinking about just ghosting on her, but after talking to a guy at the bar last night I changed my mind.  I decided I would text her something nice.  But then when I was actually about to text her I decided I needed to turn the tables on her a little bit

Me next day: Wrd, text me when you get back and you can try to seduce me

her: Try?  I think that already happened.

I erased her messages and decided I’m gonna leave it there with her sending the last text and me not responding to it.  Hopefully she’ll want the closure and text me when she gets back.  If not, whatever, that’s a week from now and I’ll be at the beach so I’ll probably not even remember.  Oh who am I kidding of course I’ll remember those tits.

Texted the Ukrainian I insta-dated, but haven’t heard back from her.  Just sent a Krauser line I send to a lot of girls.  With a total babe now is not the time to experiment with new shit.

Lastly I texted the girl I had over my house who mentioned anal sex and then left me there blue balled.  I just went with the “Chipotle never gets old” boring feeler text just to see if she responds.  We’ll see.

Sarge Hard

I Fuck Up


I fucked up somehow and this chick who seemed like a layup, I texted something and it turned her off.  I know exactly what I did wrong, but I got cocky and didn’t think I’d have to game her and guess what, that was dead wrong.

We had a date lined up for tonight.  She had texted me some big blocks of text.  Thought it was a shoe in.

Here’s the text exchange:

Me: Happy hump day

Her: hump day emoji

Her: I’m just learned about bit emojis

Me: Love them 😉

Her: What are you up to?

Me: Finishing up some stuff.  I’m gonna go to CVP in Charles Village at 8. Join me

And that’s all she wrote.  So do you all see how I fucked up?   I do.  I answered a girl question at face value.  What are you up to?  I didn’t go cocky funny and that little tiny mistake cost me what I think might have been my first daygame lay since re-starting daygame.  God, fuck.  It’s just like, why!!!  Lol, she was like a 7, and if I remember pale and a little chunky so who fucking cares, but dang it I thought I had it in the bag.

Also, the yes girl I took on the date, texted her some dumb feeler text (“Chipotle never gets old” followed by a hot dog emoji) and she didn’t respond.  Am I surprised?  No, not really.  I didn’t write about it in the field report, but the very last 30 seconds of the date I had a feeling that she was gonna write me off.  I think it’s because I told her my real age and she’s only 23.  But who cares, I made out with a girl 14 years younger than me, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

I think I’m changing.  I can tell based on some relationships I have.  The dynamics are changing.  Not sure how I feel about that, but it is what it is.  Think I’m gonna go do some night game just because I’m on vacation and bored.




Would You Like Fries with that Blowout?


Yup.  Today was a blow out kind of day.  I did five sets and four of them were blowouts.  Not to mention I pussed out on a bunch of stationary sets and two sets.  I realize now that you might as well push yourself out of your comfort zone, because there’s just as good a chance you get a blowout either way.  Here’s the sets:

  1. This chick had high wasted khaki pants on that remind me of Panama Jack and a white tank top hugging her big tits and sunglasses.  “Hey can I tell you something?”  She keeps walking and says yeah.  “Now you’re so far away,” I said and she just kept walking.  Blowout Numero Uno.
  2. This chick had an all black yoga outfit on.  She wasn’t having it at all.  She said something about only having ten minutes to get to work and didn’t let me get a word in edgewise.  Blowout Numero Dos.
  3. My only decent set of the day.  This chick was cute, if not exactly my type.  She lives in Singapore.  Conversation was flowing smoothly.  She tried to give me some shit and I deflected like a champ.  Conversation continued.  I spiked “You have nice lips” and that was too much for her.  She said it was nice talking to me, touched my shoulder, and left me there.  I love it when girls touch me.  Especially if it’s my penis.
  4. This chick I had seen earlier, followed her into a shop, then bailed.  I saw her again and this time went for it. I don’t remember what she said but it was another leave me alone type of message received.  Blowout Number Three.
  5. And for the final blowout of the day I actually kept her in set for a second.  Probably could have plowed even harder, but I didn’t.  Don’t know why.  She was foreign, I’m guessing French.  I got the opener and she was kind of trying to keep walking but stayed as I told her what I noticed about her.  Clam Digger pants on.  Asked her if she was about to dig for clams.  She was like, “Good to know,” and walked away.  Yeah man, blowouts for life.

At this point I have no idea how many sets I’ve done.  I need to count them, but that’s a lot of blog posts to look through, plus some of them, the early indirect ones I don’t want to count, so I have no clue how many I’ve done.  I think over two hundred, but not sure if over three hundred.  Maybe I’m way off and I’ve done like four hundred.  I really don’t know.  Fuck it maybe I’ll count and put up the score so once and for all I can start to keep count.  It would be nice to know how many I’ve done.  Anyway, at this point I think I can move a yes girl or strong maybe girl pretty well, but medium and barely maybe’s not at all.  It’s hard to say whether what I’m doing is causing blowouts or just blowouts are part of the nature of the game and sometimes you just get unlucky and have a string of them.  This is where it would be nice to have a wing, to point out if there’s something I’m not seeing.  I’d like to think it’s just bad luck, but I know I didn’t have much conviction today for whatever reason.  Anyway, whatever, did five, I’m moving in the right direction.

Got a date lined up for tonight.  Think it’s on.  I texted her a feeler and she sent something back.  Gonna keep it close to home.  Take her to the same place I took the yes girl to on Tuesday.  Speaking of the yes girl I told her my real age and I think it shocked her and not in a good way.  We still made out, but I haven’t heard from her since.  I was told if girls were into the date they usually write to say they had fun or whatever.  I didn’t get any of that from her.  Gonna ask her out again anyway, what can it hurt.  Think I’ll send her a feeler text today.

So now I’m home and my apartment is hot as fuck, so I might go for a walk and run some more game.

Oh one thing I wanted to make a mental note of.  The Ukrainian braces girl, I was going to text her a feeler yesterday and right when I was about to, in the back of my mind, my gut flashed “Not yet”  and I almost didn’t catch it, but then I did.  I didn’t text her.  It was a rare moment when I trusted my gut.  Who knows if it means anything but it felt right.  So glad I haven’t yet.

Anyway, gonna clean up my apartment a little in case the date chick comes over.  Here’s hoping for a Day 2 lay.

Sarge Hard

Two Dates in One Day


Already wrote about the first one.  Insta-date with Ukrainian 8. That was just great.  And then tonight I had a date with the yes girl from a couple weeks ago.

It was not easy getting her out.  She flaked on me last week and didn’t even write to tell me until after I called her out with the Roissy approved “flakey mcflakerson” text.  Then last night she said she’d meet me when she got off work at five.  At 6:40 I still hadn’t heard from her so I sent the blank faced smiley face emoji and she said “just got out of work” no sorry or anything.  I was seething.  But I stayed cool and just texted her where to meet me and she showed up.

When she showed up I was talking to two chicks (they were chubsters, but still) and made her wait a minute before I even acknowledged her.  We ordered drinks and got a table.  Sat on the same side.  Just normcore chit chat for the first thirty minutes or so.  I ran the Roissy Roses routine as I like to do and it went well.  She talked very fast and bubbly and I called her on that.  I played the questions game and it went well.  Went sexual and it was great. I was scared to ask but I went for it:  “I’m gonna ask you something dirty.  How do you like to cum?”  And she loved it.  Tongue.  That’s how.  I told her we were going to another bar.  On the way there I kissed.  It was short and sweet and I ended it.  At the second venue I tried to kiss her in the bathroom and she wouldn’t let me, but she did let me kiss her one more time.  I was kino-ing like hell.  She had to go because she had to work this morning so I went out and got drunk as shit and texted a bunch of cold leads nonsense.  Ah.  Life is good.

Sarge Hard

Insta-Date with Ukrainian Braceface


Well, today started great.  At the moment, not so much. But hey that’s the game. You gotta take the ups with the downs.

I went to Georgetown this morning.  My vibe is still off.  Before I even got to the main strip I saw a Business girl with shades on.

  1. I yadstopped her.  She blew me out, but thanked me.  However it sounded like she was grossed out.  Not great for my confidence.  But hey, I sarged the first set I saw which I am proud of.  A lot of times I would just weasel.
  2. I weaseled on a few sets.  A MILF in a green dress dipped into a shop right before I yadstopped her.  Same thing happened five minutes later with a cutey in some futuristic yoga pants. I walked almost to the end of the shopping district when I saw this stunner in a black cocktail dress and heels.  White nail polish.  Braces.  I thought she might be too young, but she was so good looking and sophisticated I thought fuck it.  Only thing was, she was stationary.  I couldn’t yad her.  So I almost pussed out.  But in the end I manned up and went for it.  And boy am I glad I did.

We started talking and it went great.  She was blushing and feminine and awesome.  Eventually I invited her to get a coffee and she accepted.  We walked together and went and got a coffee.  I was DHVing and just shooting the shit, being the American teaching her about America.  We went to Urban Outfitters together and I compliance tested her.  Eventually it started to rain and we went and sat at Dean and Deluca to avoid the downpour.  I did Roissy’s Roses routine, I read her palm, I was the man.  I asked her when the first time she kissed a boy was.  She told me but then clammed up a little.  I could tell she was loving it, but also felt like it was very fast.  Eventually she had to go and I had to go.  She hugged me good bye and I felt her amazing tits rub up against my chest and I was in heaven.  I think she might come to the beach this weekend when I’m there and that would be awesome.  Holy fuck, what a day.

Was supposed to have a date with another girl and she’s being flakey.  She already flaked on me once.  Okay, update, she just texted saying she’ll be there by 7:45.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

But damn.  I’m on high from the date with the very pretty, very feminine, bracefaced Ukrainian.  She set the bar high for what I can achieve.  As I was telling Moon Rooster there’s nothing like a sexy girl looking at you like you’re the coolest thing on the planet.  Feels really fucking good.  I know I shouldn’t be externally validated, but still, that shit is the bomb.  Hopefully I’ll have a field report from the date with Miss Flakey for you tonight, and depending how it goes, maybe I’ll get out there and do some night game as well.   We’ll see.

Sarge Moderately!