Going About Your Day

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve changed up my game a bit.  For the time being I am trying to climb the hierarchy in the improv scene here in Baltimore as well as the stand up comedy scene, which are related but separate.

So not too much to report.  As Nash mentioned in a comment (I forget where) my results are probably going to go down in the meantime, but in the overall they will be getting better.   So here is the current state of what my game looks like.

Friday night I took a nap after work until midnight then hit a local venue to perform stand up comedy.  There was six people in the audience (three couples) and I they were cracking up at my jokes.  Only one of my jokes didn’t get a laugh and I think I know why.  Afterwards it was almost two in the morning so I went home without hitting on any girls whatsoever.

I was going to go to DC and sarge on Saturday but taking that nap the night before fucked up my sleeping schedule.  I was so tired all day Saturday that I didn’t do shit.  Finally around 7:45 I got out and went to go see an improv show.

While I was waiting in the lobby for the show to start I saw a cute short girl checking out the books.  I normcore opened her asking if there was anything good then just started chit chatting.  We ended up sitting together for two shows, which was cool.

After the show we were talking in the lobby.  Her friend (a chick who’s one of the performers) came up and interrupted us.  I kept the conversation afloat, but as we were talking a friend of mine who performs who I hadn’t seen in a while started chatting with me.  Our conversations broke into two and all of a sudden my girl was like, “Hey we’re heading out it was nice meeting you.”

It felt too weird to get her number so I let her go.

My buddy and I kept talking and then he said he was heading next door to get a drink.  I went with him.  We sat down and started chatting.  I noticed my girl and her friend were there a few feet away talking to some improvisers.  We made eye contact, but were both in different conversations.  I had to leave to go do a stand up set, so I didn’t say bye, I just left.  Not sure if I should have gone and interrupted her conversation to get her digits.  I was kind of figuring I’ll see her again.  I think I fucked this one up, but don’t know how I could have played it without seeming a little too try hard.

My set of comedy went well, not as well as the night before, but not bad.  And I was more comfortable.  I got to the point where I felt like I was being myself and people were laughing and that felt good.  Afterwards, instead of going out and trying to pick up chicks, I went home.

Sunday day I went with my dad to the Sowebo festival, a festival in Baltimore.  I was with my dad so I didn’t do any sarging, but I did run into my music teacher who I have a bit of a crush on and she gave me a hug and looked really excited to see me.  I’m bad at picking up on stuff, but my dad said he thinks she likes me.  She’s got a boyfriend, and to be honest as much as I’d like to hook up with her, I need her as a teacher more than I need to fuck her, so at least for right now I’m content to have a sort of flirty relationship that doesn’t go anywhere else, but it’s nice to think she might reciprocate some of my feelings.

My plan was to go back to the festival after my dad left, but it poured rain and so I didn’t get to.  That sucked, I was pumped to sarge.

Sunday night I performed stand up again.  There was one girl in the audience, that’s it, and a bunch of comics at the bar not paying attention.  Most of them had seem my set the night before and the night before that.  She laughed a couple of times but was a tough crowd.  I felt like shit after my set.  But, after that set we did a “lightning round” where all the comics sat in the audience and called out a word for the comic on stage to riff on.  For some reason I killed doing that.  Everyone was cracking up.  That felt fucking fantastic.  It made me want to start doing that as a set instead of my material.  I might try it next week.   So interesting thing.  After my set, this girl comic like called me out because she has a similar-ish joke to mine and she was all bitchy about it like, “My joke’s better.”  I didn’t really think too much of it, but afterwards my friend said she was checking me out.  I think she might dig me, and she’s pretty cute.  So looks like things might be heading in  my direction.

Today I went downtown to get a coffee and sarge. My main goal right now is to look for IOIs and capitalize on them.   There wasn’t much foot traffic but I did manage to get two sets in.

The first was a 7 with awesome eye shadow on.  It was sparkly.  I didn’t yad, I just saw her check me out and went, “You’re cute, who are you?”

She responded with some boyfriend shit, I tried to steer the conversation in another direction, it lasted a couple of minutes, but eventually she was like, “I gotta go meet my friend.”  I was all in stand up mode so I was just cracking her up.  I was having fun doing that, I worked in some teasing.  Eh, decent set I should give myself some credit.

Last set I was almost back to my car and I see this chick with thick legs and jean shorts on and an ugly shirt.   She IOIs, but I hesitate a bit too long.  I open she says she’s meeting up with some old friend to see if there’s any chemistry.  I don’t know why, but I start talking about that, the one topic I should have avoided.  Another dude.  So it only lasted a minute or two before she bolted to catch the light.  C’est la vie.

Anyway, that’s it for the weekend.  Happy Memorial Day everybody.  And, as always,

Sarge Hard



I started taking improv classes this week and all of a sudden I think I understand what Yohami was advocating for in the first place about finding somewhere where you can be alpha and then letting the girls come to you.  Also, the deck is already stacked, you just gotta figure out how to maximize where you stand in the pyramid.

A lot of people hate on improv.  It’s cheesy, it’s a cult, it’s not funny.  Whatever.  Getting up on stage and having no clue what you are going to do or say next or what another person(s) is gonna do next is a thrill like no other especially in front of a live studio audience.  It is already starting to do wonders for me outside of the classroom and I’ve literally only taken one class.

First of all, it connects you to a whole new group of people with similar interests as you.  This increases  your network, and so the possibilities of meeting women you are interested in goes up.  Second, you are dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences so it teaches you how to be social with people that you wouldn’t normally fraternize with.  This is a good thing.  It teaches you to think on your feet, and to really listen to what people are saying.  These are all good things and I imagine will help with my game.

I’ve already befriended a couple of women and have hung out with them two nights in a row.  One of them I am not attracted to and the other is a lesbian, but it’s still pre-selection.  I noticed Friday night when we were sitting having dinner at a bar/restaurant I was getting more eyes from women than I usually do.  I didn’t capitalize on any, but I will in the future.  Seems like hanging out is going to be a semi regular or regular thing.

Last night a girl I know texted me.  She texts me every once in a while and almost every time she bails on me.  I know it has to do with my desperate texts back, but I honestly didn’t know how to be not desperate in my texts.  Not the case last night.  I was watching improv when she texted so didn’t see her text for an hour.  And when I texted back I was doing something I enjoy.  That’s a plus.  She asked me to come meet her and her sister.  I showed up and it was like the improv tapped into my soul and I was just having a blast talking to her and her sister making them laugh and flirting and just having a good time.  I imagine this will increase.

In the past I’ve viewed dates as this stage  you have to “pass” with the girl.  That’s not good.  First of all if anyone should have to pass it should be the girl.  And second, that’s not fun.  Who wants to be in school or take a test?  Fucking no one.  A date should be fun.  I enjoy making people laugh, I really do.  A couple of times these girls made me laugh last night and that felt great to.  I just realize that having a sense of humor is something I value in a girl.  Can she make me laugh.  In the past I’ve been working too hard at making her laugh to even see if she can make me laugh.  Time to switch that up.


Anyway, really excited to see how this all works out and how it helps my game.   Take it sleazy everybody.


Sarge hard

Nash’s Excellent Comment

Nash left a comment on my last blog entry that I thought was really important to anyone who is in my situation so I’ve decided to make it its own post.  I’ve added some comments as well.

>> , “So someone from the other team said he saw you downtown trying to hit on girls.” I went red.

This is a very good thing. It’s about time you looked at this.

>> Anyway it was awkward as fuck and I handled it poorly.

Yeah. Probably could have done better… but now it is about what you do going fwd.

START HERE: Why was that a tough thing for you? This is important.

Street Cobra: I think this was tough because I am a private person.  I don’t like people knowing my business.  I don’t think anyone save one or two people at the office know I supported Trump, I have never invited anyone to one of my stand up performances, and I have never talked about daygame to anyone.  I don’t think people would understand.  Now I’m wondering if this in and of itself, wanting to be private, is something off.

>> “Busted”

Oh really? So you were doing something “bad,” something you should “be ashamed of,” and then you “got caught” and you were “guilty” and now everyone knows you’re “one of the bad ones?”

Is that right?

If so… that is something to really look at. You think that attitude could be hurting your results with the girls as well??

But forget about the girls and just look at this for now. This is foundational.

Who will do better at game: A man that thinks he is “stealing” each moment? Or a man that is proudly working at his craft, out being social, “giving his gift” to girls??

This is what I fucking HATE about dumbass Sneaky Tom… all his emphasis on “sneaking around.” His dirty “tricks.” That’s all beggars mentality. This is why I know that guy is small and fucked in the head… he is a thief, not a man. And it’s completely unnecessary. Don’t follow him.

Street Cobra:  I didn’t think I had this beggars stealing mindset.  Now I’m wondering if I have.  I think that’s part of the reason I wrote this post.  I have not been being myself out there, and I find that shitty.   But now I find myself in limbo.  I am trying to be myself out there, and shed the layers of pick up artist and instead be me.  But the question now is, do I think my self is good enough for beautiful women?  The answer should be a resounding yes.  Hell, the question should be, are beautiful women good enough for me?  I need to develop this mindset, because at this moment I don’t fully feel that way.

>> Looking back I should have agreed and amplified


But I would caution you not to have “techniques” here either. You don’t need a “dirty trick” to help you in this kind of moment.

THEM: You hit on girls on the street? That’s creepy. You’re a harasser.
YOU: Yep. Definitely. I am a man. I like girls. I talk to them whenever and wherever I feel like it.

And then hold that. Stare them down.

YOU:… it’s the most natural thing in the world.

You have to own it. Not as a “technique,” but as a core part of you. This isn’t about “pickup.” It’s about BEING A MAN.


Dude, I will tell you… even when I’m at Starbuck and the coffee girl asks “what are you up to today?” I say, “I’M OUT HITTING ON GIRLS.”

That’s true. I don’t say it for effect. I saw it because it’s true. I saw it with a smile, but in a calm way. I hold eye contact when I say it. And I’m completely at peace (more than that, I’m PROUD) of my interest in women.

Street Cobra:  Yeah, this is something I need to work on.  Owning it.  I have always lead a double life.  I am one person at work and around certain people and another person, who I think of as the real me, only with certain friends that I trust.  This is some shit that stems from childhood.  I didn’t want to get in trouble and so I figured out how to present myself to my mom in a way that was squeaky clean, which she would approve of, if on the inside I was thinking something completely different and probably acting in a different way when I wasn’t around her.  We didn’t talk about sex or relationships at all.  So it has always been a kind of forbidden thing I have kept hidden.  I avoid talking to friends that aren’t red pilled about red pill because I just want to get along and red pill gets a bad reaction from some people.  There is some shit here I need to work on for sure and I’m not even sure where to begin.


This is a good moment for you. Start over. Right here. Rebuild from here.

Fucking really get it. If this is hard… I can guarantee it’s been part of your challenge on the street as well. So get it right this time.

Start over, and fucking do it right. This is YOURS. It’s not that big a deal, actually… but this is WHO YOU ARE. Not a “pickup guy” (which is cool too, but…), but a MAN. A MAN THAT LIKES WOMEN.

The most natural thing in the world.

Fortnite and Tinder are WEIRD FAKE SHIT… talking to girls on the street is REAL NORMAL SHIT.

Street Cobra:  Yeah man.  Great points.  And it is something hard for me, and I agree it is definitely what’s been hurting my results.  Inferiority complex.  Big time.


You will likely always get shit from those guys. Too late. That is what it is. And who gives a fuck… doesn’t sound like you want to date any of them. They sound like tools.

Street Cobra:  They are fucking tools.  I see that now.  The guy who really came after me was someone I kind of looked up to at work, so getting his disapproval kind of fucked with me.  But fuck him.  He’s got an ugly girl friend and he probably hates his life and he’s fake as fuck.  I heard from another co-worker he was making fun of me behind my back for something unrelated.  So fuck that dork.


But the rest of the city is wide open…

Are you a petty thief? Sneaking around? Trying to steal half-eaten sandwiches off cafe tables?? Is that who you are? If so… yeah, you should hide what you’re up to. I wouldn’t want to know you.

But if you’re a MAN… that is nothing to hide. And your interest in women is nothing to hide either. And if you are out working on your craft, trying to get better… that’s a man I would want to know.


BIG QUESTION IS: What will the girls see?

A sneaky boy stealing moments?

Or a man worth spending time with?


Are you the man you want to be? If not, change. If so, be very fucking proud of who you are.

This ^… is all up to you.

Sarge hard, Cobra. You can do this. Be the man you want to be.

Street Cobra:  Time to be the man I want to be.   Thanks Nash.  Thanks a lot.


So the inevitable happened.  The other day at work four of us were eating together.  All dudes.  Me, someone below me, and two guys a rank above me were eating.  One of the senior guys mentioned that he always sees me walking around down town.  I played it off saying I like to walk a lot.  He’s brought this up before and definitely knows something is up, but I haven’t ever come clean about what I’m doing (which is sarging).  Fucking Smalltimore.  Anyhow, the other guy who out ranks me says, “So someone from the other team said he saw you downtown trying to hit on girls.”   I went red.  I tried to play it off, “Who said that?”  And the guy who always sees me walking around was like, “Oh my god, that’s what he’s doing walking around all the time!”  I figured I was caught so I just went, “Yeah, that sounds like something I would do.”  They all started laughing at me and the guy who said I was hitting on girls went, “Wow, I was expecting a flat out denial.”  Anyway it was awkward as fuck and I handled it poorly.  Looking back I should have agreed and amplified, but I was caught off guard and well, it is what it is.

So now I’m scared to do daygame in my hometown.  Fuck.  Why am I being a chode?  Do I believe in my heart there is something inherently wrong about what I’m doing, or is it just societal fucktards shaming me into stepping in line.  The thing is, I thought I was boys with these guys.  Now the one I think is actually a dick.  I’ve heard through the grape vine that he’s made fun of me before, I feel like now I’m seeing his true colors.

Anyways, it’s fucked me up more than I like to admit.

Speaking of getting out of my shell, I’ve been trying to do more stand up comedy lately.  My plan was to do some last night.  I memorized a four and a half minute manic story that I sent to some friends who all thought it was funny and unique, unfortunately when I got to the venue stand up was cancelled do to some improve festival that’s happening all weekend.  So there go my weekend plans.

Anyways, today I’m going to a birthday party for a four year old daughter of a good friend of mine.  My goal is to be friendly and get into good conversations with ten people there (I count groups as the number of people in the groups).   After that there’s a festival where I will continue opening people, and tonight I’m trying my ten people ten conversations shit as well.   Wish me luck.


Sarge Hard

Blow Outs All Day

Today I did five sets and they were all blow outs.  They were all soft blow outs.  At least one I should have double stopped, but I’m not there yet.  Still not sure what a true IOI is.  Or maybe I do, just when I open my mouth to talk to these girls I’m not living up to their picture  of how I should be.   So yeah, today kinda sucked.  But:

Yesterday I took Yohami’s advice.  I got back to basics.  Learning (relearning)  how to have interesting conversations with strangers.

If you have time you should check out his comments on my last couple of posts and of course over at Rivelino and Nash‘s blogs.  Great stuff (I’m gonna start going through his archive of comments from old posts to glean as much as I can.)

Back to having interesting conversations with strangers.

In the morning on Saturday I had breakfast at one of my favorite spots.  It’s run by an Asian couple.  The wife is super nice and always smiling even when  you can tell she’s stressed out, and the husband is a laid back motherfucker.  He always looks chill, never flustered.  So anyway, when I went to pay my bill I asked him how he found himself in the restaurant business.  He was like, “Very good question,”  and proceeded to tell me a story about how he started and came to own the place.  He kept telling me as other people were clearly waiting to pay their bills lol.   It was a really cool experience.

Later that day I went to a party at a friend’s distillery.  He was busy so I was there alone with no one to talk to.  So I forced myself to start some random conversations.   First I started talking to some old black guy with dreads about the food truck.  It was cool, we spoke for a couple  minutes and I found out some interesting stuff about him.  Next I talked to some bearded white dude and it was cool.  When he left he asked what my name was, so I felt like I made a good impression.

At this point I wanted to leave.  I wasn’t talking to anyone and felt uncomfortable.  But I told myself I could only leave if I talked to at least one more person.   So I started chatting to some dude, a short Filipino dude who happened to be a doctor.  He was cool as shit and we had a great conversation.  His friends showed up, a married couple (indian chick light skinned black dude with a fro) and we all played cornhole together.  I am a kick ass cornhole player so my team won easily and I noticed the wife got all interested in me asking me all sorts of questions.   She was saying how I look like some actor and then the husband was like, “Sorry street cobra, I just don’t find you hot.”

I said some chodey shit about how that’s okay I still think he’s hot.  It was super gay and retarded, but I felt like the tone of how I said it came across better.  She got mad at him, and it didn’t seem like the good kind of mad.

They had to go to some other party, but when they left I was chilling with my buddy who owned the distillery and I think I came off as pretty cool.

There was a couple of chicks I wanted to open, but I didn’t.  Whatever, I’m working on the basics.  My new plan is an old plan I’m going to resurrect.  I learned it from YaReally who Krauser now says is a keyboard jockey.  Still I think there’s some merit to some of the shit he says.  And it’s kind of a hybrid of what Yohami was talking about.

Basically what I’m gonna start doing is having ten conversations a night (probably just weekends).  5 guys, 5 girls.  I will open five random dudes and then open five random girls at the bar and try to just have cool conversations.  I will do this in conjuction with daygame, but I think it might help me out.


Sarge Hard

Stripper Part 2

What a weird day.

I got to have breakfast at a really awesome restaurant because my team at work hit some milestone.  I had time to kill before it started so I walked around.  I had it on my mind to open girls that I got IOIs from and to not yadstop.

A couple of girls passed me that I would generally have opened, but I didn’t get any IOIs so I didn’t.  Finally, I got some eye contact from a cute little girl dressed in business attire.  She had ear buds in.  As she walked by I stopped and said hey.

As she was taking her ear bud out I said, “You’re cute, who are you?”

“What,” she asked?

“I said you’re cute, who are —-

“I gotta go to work!,” she was fucking pissed and walked away in a hurry.  I was shell shocked for the next couple minutes.

I have no clue what an IOI looks like.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  So it’s back to yadstops for me.

I see another chick.  I let her pass.  Her ass looks great in her business slacks.  I do a *Nash Stop and say, “Hey you’re cute, who are you?”

“Aww, thanks I’m good.”  And she kept walking.

So whatever.

Because of breakfast I got to work late, but that didn’t stop me from leaving early.   Today was one of those days where I didn’t feel like doing shit.  Luckily, there’s not that much shit to do at the moment so it works out.

Anyway, I’m walking to my car talking to Moon Rooster on my ear buds.  I’m walking down the street and I see a sexy looking girl in a tight, thin grey shirt and jeans.  It’s the stripper!

Holy fuck, I had to think fast.


She stopped and looked at me.


“Yeah.  How are you?”

“I’m good, off to the nitrous store.”

I remembered  Yohami’s advice this time:

“Want some company?”

“Not really.”

I didn’t know what to say to that.  I just stared at her like an idiot.

“You never texted me.”

“No, not yet.”  That’s a lie.  I did text her she just didn’t respond.  It was a rather low investment text “hey lil miss”.

“I’ll text you,” I said, and she walked away.

Moon Rooster heard the whole thing.

Afterwards I was wondering what the fuck I should have done.  And wondering if I fucked up by “rejecting” her the first time.   I don’t know.  Moon Rooster suggested I call her.

After I got home and practiced my singing lessons (I’ve been taking singing lessons for a couple months with the goal of starting a band next summer) I decided to do it.  So I did.

I called her up.

After one ring it went to voicemail.  The answering machine was full and it didn’t say her name, but on account of it being full I figured it was probably the right number.

A minute later she calls me back.  But after one ring she hangs up.

So I call back AGAIN.

And this time she picks up.

“You need to erase your messages,”  I said joking around.

“Who is this?”

“It’s Cobrantula.”

She told me she was doing nitrous.  This chick loves nitrous.  I just asked some basic chit chat type questions trying to think of myself as top guy and think of myself as having already fucked her.  She asked if we could text.  I said I hate texting.  She said it’s awkward to get to know someone over the phone.  I think she’s gonna bail on me but then she suggests we can get a drink to get to know each other.  I say cool, when are you free.  Sounds like we’re going out Monday.

So we’ll see what happens, but right now I’m optimistic.

Sarge Hard

Practicing Inserting Myself

Two quick things.  I wanted to practice top guy mind sets.  So here are the following text exchanges.

Me:  What’s up

Random girl in my phone #1:  Who is this?

I knew she was going to say that as I pinged this same number back in January and she said the same thing.  She wrote back almost immediately.  My initial reaction is this girl is a total slut looking for the most alpha guy to fuck.

me:  Prince Charming

Her: ????

me:  Don’t be boring

her: Who is this?

me: come over

Okay, so the prince charming line is something I heard on some blog.  I never know what to write back when a girl says Who’s this.  I’ve said my name before and that didn’t go anywhere, feels like you gotta mess with them a little.  Then the four question marks seemed like she wasn’t complying so I negged her.  Then she writes back who is this again I felt like I should just ignore it and invite her over.

A couple minutes later I get a facetime call on my phone.  It’s her.  I pick up.  I can’t tell what her ethnicity is other than she’s a little brown.  I’d say she was a 6.5  Anyway she goes, “Who’s this?”  and it caught me off guard and I just said, “Who’s this?”  She started giggling said, “Bye,”  and hung up.

So now I’m thinking I took all of Yohami’s advice about not using trick lines and all that reverted back to my old shitty texting ways of nothing but trick lines.  It’s obvious I still don’t know what I’m doing.  I went to bed feeling retarded.

I woke up this morning and saw that at 11:15 pm (an hour after she facetimed me) she wrote:

her:  send me the address

So I don’t know.

Anyway, another random girl in my phone I texted her a low investment opener saying what’s up fin (she’s finnish)  I woke up to her response.  Something about being at the beach in Florida.   So I practiced inserting myself.  I wrote back:

me: I see, lather me with sun tan lotion 😉

Looking back I should have included her so maybe said something like, “I see, let’s rub each other with sun tan lotion ;)” or something.  Anyway, still have a lot to learn.  This weekend I’m practicing top guy frame.  Only responding to the positive, looking for IOIs before I approach, not yadstopping.  We’ll see how it goes.

Sarge Hard


Haven’t had a chance to blog in the last couple of days.  Work’s been pretty busy.  Got a big day tomorrow.  But I did manage to get out and sarge yesterday and today.


I did a total of 17 sarges over the weekend.  Not too shabby.  Only three or four of them are worth talking about.

The very first open I did on Saturday morning was my best.  I yadstopped this girl in torn up jeans and shades on.  She was blown away.  “You’re bold!”  She said, blushing.  All I said was, “Hey, you’re cute, who are you?”   She told me her name and I asked what she was up to.  She said something about a birthday brunch.  I basically just repeated back what she said and she got all, “I know, I’m so basic,” like apologetic like she wasn’t cool enough for me.  It felt awesome.  She said she had a boyfriend and was late for brunch, but she looked like she wanted to grab me before she left but chickened out.  So yeah, didn’t go anywhere but my masculine energy was on point with her and it felt like a great first sarge.

The next 11 sarges of the day weren’t very memorable.  Except to say that one exceptionally bad blow out left me feeling like shit that I wasn’t able to recover from that day.  I was trying to take   Yohami’s advice, even though I think I misunderstood what he was saying.  I think he frowns against the yadstop, but I really like doing it.  Next weekend I’m gonna try more of what he was saying, of just saying hey and getting the girl to stop, no yadstop needed.

This morning I was more in the moment, though still not quite totally there.  I’m not connecting emotionally with these girls, something I’m trying to work on.
Anyway, I see this chick with a great body in little pink shorts and a Penn State sweathshirt not doing a great job of hiding her enormous tits.  She was so chill.  We were talking and it was going well, I was trying to just talk about normal shit.  It went on for quite a while.  At the beginning she mentioned a boyfriend, but I just brushed that aside and kept talking.  About ten minutes into our conversation I let it die and just looked at her.  She just looked at me.  And it was awkward, and she was like, “Well nice meeting you!”  And took off.   Afterwards I was like, “Why did I let that die on purpose?”  It was the wrong move or at least the wrong timing.  Eh, not sure it would have gone anywhere anyway.

None of the other sets were memorable save for the last set of the day.  I was walking to my car, but decided to do one last walk around the neighborhood.  All of a sudden, I see what looks like damn near a 10 walking up the street.  A short blonde in a pink shirt and jeans with gigantic breasts on a tiny frame.  I was sure it was gonna end in a blow out.  But I yadstopped her anyway.  “Hey you’re cute, who are you?”   It worked, she started chatting, found out she’s a stripper at Scores.  She had a bag with her that was making some loud metallic sound.  “Is that a bag full of change?”  I ask.  “No, that’s a bunch of nitrous.”  She was going home to do a bunch of nitrous by herself.  I was on my way to meet some friends at the Hopkins Festival.  I got her number, but I know I fucked up.  I just don’t know what I was supposed to say?  Oh, you’re doing nitrous at home by yourself?  You should invite me over”  That sounds weak, but I know a smoother person than me would have known the right thing to say to get invited over there.

So I don’t know.  I feel like I’m worse than I was, but I’m on a better trajectory now.  We’ll see.

Sarge hard


I’m in the middle of reading “The Power of Positive Thinking” and one of the chapters is titled “Expect the Best and Get It.”  The point of the chapter is that if you expect good things to happen good things will happen.  If you expect bad things to happen bad things will happen.   So expect good things.  Today I did not do that.

I did seven sets in total.  One of the girls is “going to” add me on facebook.  The good news is, she was the hottest girl I approached all day.  European, great lips, hair, eyes, and tits.  The bad news:   It’s low probability.  Other than that no numbers or anything.  The thing I noticed today is that it doesn’t take much to derail me.  I fold easily.   I’ll give you two examples.

Example 1:  I saw this fashionista looking Latina chick.  She had a hand stuck in the back pocket of her white jeans.  She was walking none too fast, so I started walking next to her and said hi.  She looked at me said hi, but wasn’t too friendly.  We kept walking, I said I thought she was cute and asked what her name is.  She thought about it for a second and then said, “Sorry, I have to go.”   I said, “No problem, have a nice day,” and that was the end of that.

Example 2: I saw this chick with big almost too saggy tits with short hair covered in tattoos.  I ran over to her said something about her looking like she does martial arts.  she said she doesn’t.  I asked what her name is she said “It’s _____, but I’m busy I have to go.”  I said, “No problem, have a nice day.”

What was going on in my mind when I got the little bit of coldness from both girls is, they’re uninterested and they’re letting me know in a nice manner so let’s leave them be.  Which I did. It was only afterwards that I thought, perhaps they’re just giving me a test.

I don’t know.  Maybe they were maybe they weren’t.  I’ve thought of some clever rebuttals for both situations should they happen again.  But now I’m wondering, do I want clever rebuttals for if I’m in that position again, or is that not seeing the forest for the trees.

Something to think about.

Sarge Hard

Being Me on the Street

Today was an exceptionally nice day.  It has been freezing forever and today was the first really nice Saturday we’ve had.  It was amazing.  My plan was to drive to DC, but I decided to stay local.  I figured it’s warm so people are going to be out and I’ll have two extra hours to sarge.

I did seven sets.

I’ll admit.  I was pretty nervous.  I didn’t know what to do.  I started wondering if yadstops are still okay or are yadstops not being me.  I love to over think everything.   Eventually I decided yadstops were cool as they stop a girl in her tracks and buy you a couple seconds, but beyond that I had to just say whatever was on my mind.

I’ve decided from now on to focus on the positive so I won’t be going into detail about the blow outs unless something stands out as a particular lesson learned that I think others could glean something from or have insight to.   So having said that, only two of the seven sets are worth commenting on.

  1.  I don’t remember what she was wearing other than the fact that she had sunglasses on.  I was a ball of nerves when I started talking to her, but I called that out while I was talking to her.  I don’t think she was turned on by my self-deprecating, but she was nice and talkative.  She told me she was engaged and we kept talking.  I just wanted practice being me and shooting the shit with a girl.  We talked about movies and it was a great little interaction.  The one thing I would have liked to have done better is maybe a little less talking and a little more listening, but I was listening pretty well and we left on nice terms.
  2. This was second to last set of the day.  I had weaseled a lot during the session, usually because the girl was with a friend or honestly because her legs were a little too meaty for me. Lots of girls had shorts on today on account of this nice weather, the downside being I could see a lot of them were bottom heavy.  Sucks when you see a nice face, nice tits, and fat legs.  Poor girls.  But I look at them like a metaphor for where I’m at now in the seduction dance.  Just a couple little tweaks off.  But I’m working on it and I think I’ll get there.   Anyway, this girl had sunglasses, BrewThru t-shirt and short shorts.  I just said, “Hey,” she kind of kept walking I may have said she’s cute then said, ‘What’s your name?”  She kind of stopped then came back and we started talking.  I was totally being  me, trying to be real and trying to pay attention to how she was feeling as best I could.  We chatted about her nails as one was broken and she was headed to the salon to fix it.  I feel like the game version of me would have negged her, but this time I just made some joke about how I don’t paint my nails.  From there we just chatted about whatever came up, North Carolina and what she does, where she’s from.   I just said, “Let’s get a drink.”  And she was all about it.  I got her number.  She had to go get her nails done, so I let her go, but as she was leaving she was like, “Text me.”  That never happens to me.  I take that as a really good sign that I’m on the right track.
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So all in all a great day.   Tonight I am going to go watch stand up and maybe perform if they can put me on before midnight.  I’m feeling really good right now.  Really good.

Sarge Hard