Batteries Recharged

I am back from my trip abroad.  I am so refreshed and ready to put in hard work in all the areas of my life it is needed.  I read three books between the planes and the trip.  Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich, Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower by Ed Latimore, and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.  All three were awesome and I gained many insights from each.  A couple of the big ones:

Don’t talk about doing stuff.  Just do it.  Only talk about it once it’s done.

I am one of those people who is constantly telling my friends what my plans are.  Sometimes I follow through sometimes I don’t.  I know I’ve heard you shouldn’t talk about what you’re gonna do before, but for some reason this time it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Telling people what you plan on doing gives you a rush almost equal to the rush you get from actually doing the thing.  So you’re less likely to go through with it once you’ve told everyone your plans.  It’s only been a week but so far I’ve pretty much stayed true to my word.  I am working on something now and I have successfully done it every day without talking about where I plan on taking it in the future.  Feels right to do things this way.

I might be messing this up, but Mr. Latimore says there’s the pain of doing something and the pain of not doing something.  Either way you’re getting pain, but the former is better because you also will be rewarded for it.

Case in point, I got back from my trip Saturday night.  I thought about all of the emails I was going to have to go through when I got back to work.  I knew it was going to suck.  Instead of putting it off til I got back to work like I normally do, I woke up at 5:00 am on Sunday and got through all 350 of them in two hours.  It sucked and I hated it, but I felt like a million bucks afterwards for doing the hard thing I know I was gonna have to do and having so much free time to enjoy myself afterwards.

I don’t want to talk to much more about the insights I gained from these books, because I don’t want to give away what these guys worked hard on for free.  If you’re into self-improvement I guarantee you will get something awesome out of both Gorilla Mindset and Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower.

I didn’t end up doing any more sarging in Europe.  It just wasn’t in the cards.  I’m okay with it.  There’s a non zero chance I will be back there before too long.  I don’t want to talk about it, but let’s just say who knows what the immediate future holds for me.

I did manage to do a couple sets today.  I opened an Asian girl with a soft face and perky tits.  At first she seemed into it, then she got really weird and quiet.  I excused myself.  I’m out of practice.

I indirect opened a babe in a coffee shop that had given me the eye.  She was friendly.  I let the conversation die and she reinitiated asking what kind of work I do.  Sometime between then and when I left I must have said something that turned her off because the conversation died and she didn’t even look at me when I got up to leave.  C’est la vie.

Last was another Asian.  I couldn’t see her face, but she was carrying a yoga mat and had a nice ass and nice legs.  I opened without seeing her face and she ended up being kinda cute.  She gave up her number no problem so that’s promising.

Also, yesterday I got a haircut.  The girl who cut my hair had an amazing body and a decent enough face.  She mentioned having lots of shoes.  I like girly girls.  Anyway, I asked her out at the end of the hair cut and she said yes.  Gonna call her tonight.

I texted the Indian chick to get a drink tonight, but she was going to a crab feast and has her kid tonight.

That’s okay.  I have made some giant to do lists and I am trudging my way through.  Keep a look out on this blog.  There may or may not be something in the works on here.

Sarge Hard


Wieder Im Spiel


I am in Germany right now with my mom and her friend.  We are in a small town a couple hours from Frankfurt that has about 100,000 people.  We spent the day walking around and I noticed quite a few German hotties.  I also noticed a lot more immigrants than I remember being here about fifteen years ago.  Anyway, I managed to sneak away from my mom and her friend for a couple of hours this afternoon and walked around the town square.

I haven’t done a proper cold approach in over two months.  I was seeing the First DGL girl and the Indian chick so I didn’t feel the need.  Plus I’ve been concentrating on other areas of my life.  But today I was determined to cold approach.  I didn’t want to go my whole trip without sarging a European babe.

Well let me tell you something.  Taking a couple months off and your AA shoots right back up to 100!  I weaseled on so many sets, it was awful.  I started wondering if I’d be able to do one at all!

But then, I saw a Persian looking 7 with nice hair and a big ass squeezed in to a pair of tight blue jeans.   I said fuck it, let’s do it.  So I kind of half-yadded as in got on the side of her and opened.

“How’s your English?”

“Um, it’s not very good.”

“Okay, well I was just walking by and I saw you and I thought you were cute.”

“Thank you good bye.”

Soft blow out.  Once I actually did it it wasn’t so bad, but working up the balls to do it was so much harder than I thought it would be.

After that I got like three or four IOIs that I didn’t capitalize on.  Dang it.  I really need to get back into the swing of things.

Still, I was proud of myself for opening in unfamiliar territory with girls who speak an unfamiliar language.  So good for me for doing it.

Tomorrow we’re off to France where I hope to open several girls.   Here’s hoping I do.

Sarge Hard!

Saying Good Bye to My First Daygame Lay


I usually like to bat just slightly out of my league.  Inevitably I get shot down or dumped or whatever, but I’m a man, I can take it.  It’s another story when you have to let a girl go.

I’ve been planning on doing it all week.  She gave me the silent treatment for a couple of days.  I wanted to wait until Friday because I figured sh’d be able to call friends and go out and hopefully get over it faster.  Anyway this morning she finally texted me.

Her:  Hi

Me: Hey stranger

Her:  You are the stranger

After that I got busy at work, and then she texted a couple hours later all pissy.  I told her I’d call her after work.

And so I did.  She was trying to be cute on the phone.  I asked her how her week was she asked how mine was and then I said something like, “There’s no easy way to say this, but I think we’re on different pages so I think it would be best if we were just friends.”

She was calm and collected about it.  If it made her emotional, she hid it well.  She asked what page I’m on I said I’m just too busy these days to give  her the kind of attention I think she wants.  Which is partially true.  I also told her she’s a cool chick and so that’s why I wanted to tell her.  Anyway, she took it well, although I could tell she was sad about it.

A half hour later I got this text:

her: I am sorry if you felt pressured by me.  I just really liked you.  Thank you for the beautiful time and good luck with work and whatever else you have.  You won’t hear from me anymore.


I didn’t write back.  I thought about it, but I didn’t.

I’m a free man.  I don’t feel great hurting a girl like this, especially one that gave me my first dgl, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  It also doesn’t want what it doesn’t want.



Real American Dude

Just got back from LA and boy is my everything tired.

What a great trip.  Got to spend some quality time with Moon Rooster, even got to see Brock Landers.

As far as the sarge goes, I don’t actually have that much to report.  At the music festival I talked to several girls, but it’s an all day out door event, kinda hard to gain any momentum.  I saw one stunner wearing a bra as a top with incredible tits.  Moon and our buddy dared me to sarge.  So I did.  I got her to hang out with us for a little bit, but she bulked when I asked for her number so we could meet up later.  I did see her again a couple hours later, but she was talking to some chicks, and I thought, I’ll see her again.  As fate would have it I did not and that was the end of that.

The music was awesome.  I was having so much fun just walking around checking out the sights.  I did a bunch of low investment opens, but it was more about hanging out and having a good time.  Moon gave me an edible.  He said it wasn’t much, but a couple hours later I was stoned as hell.  Not to mention I’d been drinking beers all day.

At the end of the festival we decided to go back to the hotel’s roof top.  It was me, Moon, and our buddy, let’s call him Sam.  We had to ditch some weird dude who tried to hang out with us.  Why couldn’t that have  been a chick?

Back at the hotel bar it was kinda deadsville.  there was a pool, but we looked out and noticed it was about 95% dudes.  Bummer.   We took a seat by the fire and noticed two girls talking together a couple of tables over.  I was in a great mood and having fun, so I walked over to them and said something like, “Good evening, welcome to the Ace Hotel. I will be the server for the evening.  Would you like to hear our specials?”

They said yes and I continued.

“We have a lovely home made mojito, with fresh lime, simple syrup, Cruzan rum, soda water and just a splash of Clorox bleach.”

They were so confused.  I then kept saying ridiculous stuff until they realized I was not the waiter.  I  asked them what they would really like, and then got a real waitress to take their order.  I didn’t pay.

Five minutes later I walked passed their table and they started yelling at me that I didn’t buy them drinks.  I pretended to be horrified.   They were berating me and I was just not giving a shit.  I went to walk away.  The older of the two (and she was old, but great tits)  grabbed me and started talking to me.   She was French.  I found out she was a director and her friend she was with was the actress who just starred in something they filmed earlier that night.

And that is when I got the greatest compliment I’ve ever received in my whole life.  The French director, with her big French tits, who was too old to sarge, but you knew she was a dime piece back in the day, said, “Do you know what I like about you?,”  She stopped and got real serious.   ” You are a real American dude.   You pretend to be the waiter, you act like you’re going to get us drinks, and don’t buy our drinks, they don’t make guys like you anymore.  You are a real American dude.”

Maybe that doesn’t translate, but the way she said it made me feel she came from a time and place where being a real America dude was something European chicks loved, and that type of man isn’t around much anymore.  It might not mean much to anybody else, but to me, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that ever since.  It means more to me than any compliment I’ve ever got.  In this day and age of pussified soyboys, it felt great to embody the Real American dude, if only to some old French director chick.   Anyway, enough of me blowing smoke up my own ass.   Cuz the night didn’t end there.

Sam left, and now it’s just me and Moon Rooster.  We leave to go find another bar with hopefully more chicks.  It’s at this point I realize I’m drunk.  I watch myself not be able to walk in a straight line.   Water time.   We get to the next bar and I hope I can keep it together enough to order beers without getting us thrown out.   I order two beers and two waters.  I down the water.

I forget how much time passed, but all of a sudden Moon Rooster opens some pretty decent chick wearing fishnet stockings, a see through skirt, and a bra as a top with anters on her head and vampire blood on her chest.

At some point I start chatting with her, as she’s with another dude and chick.   I see if she wants to go out and smoke a cigarette, then Moon Rooster asks what her name is, and that’s when I remember that he opened her and I feel like a dick for trying to steal her.

So I go sit by some random dude and we start chatting.  Eventually Moon rolls over and tells me he got her number.

We decide to go back to the hotel.   Nothing was going on there so we called it a  night.

Moon told me the dude who antlers girl was with got all weird.  We figured he probably thought he was gonna have a threesome with his girlfriend and antlers girl.  Since we didn’t hear back from her we figured that’s what happened.

And then she called.

Somehow, and I have no idea how, she found our room.   I didn’t even know it was possible to get to it without a key.  But she did.   She came in and we offered her a beer and we shot the shit.  I was pretty drunk, and I thought she was Moon Rooster’s since he sarged her first, but at the same time, we were joking around about both banging her.  I was too fucked up to think clearly.  I did the rings routine on her.  She was passing out sitting at the desk.  Moon Rooster tried twice to kiss her and she wasn’t having it.  We found out she was living in her car, she was 22, and she worked as like a non stripping stripper at some high end karaoke place.  Fucking LA.  Eventually I gave up and decided to go to bed.

In the morning Moon told me he eventually got her in bed, but she passed out and so he didn’t go for it.   Afterwards I was thinking we should have talked about sex.  I’m never hooked up two guys one girl, and don’t know that I’d ever want to, but part of me feels like that would have been a funny story.  Anyway, she left early AM and we spent the rest of the day going to Venice and Santa Monica and Topanga Canyon.  It was a great fucking trip, even though I got really sick and am still recovering.  Hell, I had to call out of work today.  Anyway, the Bulgarian brought me soup today, very sweet girl.  Wish I was more into her.

She did look cute though.



Sarge Hard

Update on the Indian Chick

Sunday night I was bored, went out and had a couple beers.  I started looking through my phone for girls to call.  I texted the Indian from a couple nights ago.  She texted right back and we met up an hour later.

We went to a bar I used to work at.  I was a little drunk already.  She looked sexy as fuck.  I couldn’t keep my hands off her.  I know a lot of guys say don’t give a girl all your attention, make her lean into you, all that shit.  In my experience, for my personality, sometimes it works to be totally all over the girl and zoning out the world around you and telling her she’s fucking hot and doing all the things they pick up guys say not to do.  I believe what I see with my own eyes, and this shit was working.

We chatted about bull shit.  She told me about some tinder dates, I made fun of the dudes who’d she been with for not having the balls to touch her.  It was getting late, I suggested we get out of there.

I told her we should go back to her place.  She was not about it.  She said she wasn’t gonna fuck me.  I said I’d have one drink and go as I had work in the morning.  She agreed and we went back to her place.

She told me I was very persuasive.  She doesn’t usually have guys back to her place this early.  She made me a drink and we started making out.

Eventually we were on the couch.  It was just making out but it was pretty hot and heavy.  I was playing with her ass, but she wouldn’t let me finger her.  I tried to suck her tits. she wouldn’t let me pull them out.  We made out some more and I said I’d have to go.

I didn’t text her after that until yesterday.  I told her I was going to the west coast and we’d hang out when I got back.  She replied right away saying, “Yes!  have a great trip!”

I have a feeling it might take a couple of hang outs, but it’s looking like she might be down for a bang.  Not to mention, Moon Rooster knows who she is.  He hooked up with her friend I think.  He said they’re always hanging out together and he thinks I might be able to get a threesome.  That would be awesome.  For now I’m not gonna worry about it.

I’m gonna go to the west coast, see some great music, and sarge hard.  Staying at a fancy chic hotel, hopefully we’ll get some babes back there.  Anyways, life is good.

Sarge hard

How I got the Notch (First Daygame Lay Report)

I haven’t been doing much daygame lately.  Decided to switch it up and only sarge when I was going about my day and an opportunity arose.  My schedule is pretty packed right now, doing bjj a couple days a week, taking singing lessons, improv classes, and hanging out with friends or doing stand up comedy on the weekends.

So I found myself at the grocery store one day and see a okay chick with glasses and big tits looking very serious.  I was scared to approach in the store so I didn’t, even when she walked right by me while I was waiting for my sandwich to be made.

When I got to the checkout counter I saw her in the line next to me.  I decided I would sarge her outside of the store.

So I went outside and waited.  A couple seconds later she came out and walked up the street.  She crossed the street so I almost quit, but I decided I would cut her off at the intersection.  I got there as she was walking away, so instead of yad stopping her I just said, “Excuse me, you’re really cute,” or something like that.  She opened okay, I was kind of rusty and it wasn’t my greatest sarge.  She asked for my number and I gave it to her and figured I’d never hear from her again.

As luck would have it she texted me that evening saying we could get a coffee.

So a couple days later we met up for coffee.  She was a little bit of a ball buster at first, but I guessed some stuff correct about her.  She was into Star Trek.  We went for a walk through the Baltimore Museum of Art Sculpture Garden.  At one point she noted how romantic it was as we were sitting underneath a cool gazebo type thing.  I went for the make out and she turned me down.  She said I was in a hurry.  I smoothed things over, but it was a little awkward.

We agreed to hang out again.  She said over text for me not to be in a hurry and I said that’s okay take your time.  She asked if I was a player, I said I used to be, but I’m too old for that now.  She asked how often I approach girls on the street I said not that often anymore, which is partially true.

It took about four dates to get her back to my place.  We watched a movie on my projector!  That thing was a smart buy.  We made out, but it didn’t go past the make out.  I put her hand on my cock outside of my pants, but didn’t get too pushy.  She left and things seemed to be going pretty well, albeit slow.

We hung out the next weekend.  I got her back to my place again.  We rolled around on my bed, she said, “We can’t have sex.”

I said, “I know.”  Don’t know why I said that.  She said, “How do you know?”  And I kinda shrugged I think if memory serves.  She hinted that it was her time of the month.   She left a little bit after that.

We hung out again the next weekend.  I think this was date five or six.  I had to wake up early the next day, but she said let’s get a drink.  We saw a movie, a depressing movie, she cried, and I thought I wasn’t getting any.  We got a drink after the movie and then went back to my place.  We started rolling around.  She started kissing my chest.  I thought she’d stop there, but she didn’t.  She undid my pants and started to blow me.  I’m not a huge fan of blow jobs, but I liked it.  I got on top of her and took her pants off.  She didn’t stop me.  Once I got her pants off I went down on her.  She was moaning and getting into it.  After a few minutes I came back up and was rubbing my dick against her pussy.  I started rubbing more and more, and slowly started to stick it in.  She said, “Go slow, it’s been a while.”  So I did.  I went slow and it was awesome.  She felt great.  We went slow for like five or ten minutes then she started getting into it and I went faster.  This went on for a couple of minutes.  I stopped so I wouldn’t cum, then got behind her and fucked her doggy style.  I’m not a big fan of doggy, but I think chicks dig it.  Eventually I pushed her down and fucked her from behind while she was flat on her stomach.   I lost my boner.  We started making out some more,  I got hard again and she climbed on top of me and we fucked like that until I came.

Felt fucking fantastic.

After a few minutes I walked her home.

Next day she came over again.  I wasn’t really horny.  We made out but I didn’t think I was gonna get a boner.  She said I was being weird, she got weird, and asked to go home.

I walked her home trying not to freak out and say something stupid.  We got back to her place and sat out front.  I told her, “Look, I like you, you like me.  You need to relax,” or something close to that.  I said we’d get coffee in the morning.  She seemed okay with that and I went home.

The next day we got coffee and had a good time together. We walked to a book store together and had good conversation.  I left her to do some errands and received a text a couple hours later saying something like, “Thank you for dealing with my craziness.”

We’re supposed to hang out tonight.  I keep thinking about what Nash said, do I want to hang out with her more or less, other than that don’t worry about it.  If she wants to put a label on things or ask if I’m sleeping with other girls, we can cross that bridge when we get to it, but for not relax and enjoy the good times.  I’m a little worried I’m not gonna be that horny for her tonight as I’m going on a trip to the west coast tomorrow.  I’m gonna try to hook up with her if she wants to.  It doesn’t help that when I get laid I like to jerk off, so I jerked off last night.  I should cut that shit out so I’m hornier.  Being 38 I’m not as horny as I used to be, I think it’s more ego validation these days.  Or maybe I’m just not as into her as she’s into me.  She really likes me, which is nice, but also makes me feel a little bad.  Oh well, it’s a crazy world out there.

Sarge hard

Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally got a Daygame Lay!

‘Twas the Bulgarian.  We made plans to hang out last night.  We went and saw a movie, had a drink afterwards,  we went back to my place, and +1 daygame.

There was no lmr whatsoever.  It was her idea to get a drink.  I think she was planning on sleeping with me before the date even started.

After we did it she made a joke asking if that is what I was expecting would happen when I approached her on the street.  I think it turned her on, but I made some self deprecating joke back about how I expected to be slapped in the face and never see her again.

Anyway, I did it.  And I am stoked.  Long live the daygame gods.

Sarge hard


Another Indian

Went to the festival with the Bulgarian. Glad I did because there was actually very few single ladies to sarge.  It was mostly couples and groups.

At one point I saw my music teacher with her boyfriend and a friend, but I didn’t say hi.  Moon Rooster said I should have as I would have had pre selection.  Maybe so but I didn’t want to meet the boyfriend.

It started pouring down raining so we left.  She asked me to come over and watch a movie, but I wasn’t feelilng it since I knew she was on the rag and we wouldn’t be having sex.

I went out alone.  I walked around and had a couple beers.

Eventually I ended up at my buddy’s party.  While grabbing a beer I saw a hot Indian chick walk by.  When she came back around I used my cheesy opener, “Hey I wish I knew a cheesy pick up line because you’re fucking hot.”  She made some joke about giving me more time to think of one and walked away.  She came back and I said I had nothing.

She left to go to another bar.  She gave me her number.  She texted me to meet her at the other bar.  So I went.

It was getting late and I have to work in the morning so we left.  I got the make out.  She was a good kisser.  Better than the Bulgarian.  Nicer lips, but a off putting flavor at first.  I got past it.  I tried to get her home, but she wasn’t having it.

On my way home the Bulgarian texted me saying how much fun she had.  A twinge of guilt hit me.

Sarge hard

Not Much of an Update

This past week was back to work.  Boo.   I need to find a new job.  I’ve been there for three years now and I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing.  I hate not understanding.
Everyone said by year three things would click.  They haven’t.  I sit in meetings and have  no clue what people are talking about.  I posted on reddit about it and someone suggested a related field that I am now talking to recruiters about.  Only thing is I’m making pretty good money now and it’s gonna be hard to make that much if I make a lateral move.  I’m hoping for the best.

I thought Chubs was gonna hound me last Sunday about going out, but to my surprise she ghosted.  To be honest, I’m relieved.  She was gross.  Kissing her sweaty neck was disgusting.  The Bulgarian is so so so much better.

The Bulgarian is not the most attractive girl I have ever been with.  But she’s growing on me.  Very feminine and into me and not too needy.  It seems like a good balance for right now.  And her body is killer.  She knows it too.  She made some joke about her boobs are pretty good and I was like, “They’re not bad,”  with a wink.  She became faux indignant and then I pushed her against the radiator and made out with her.  I’m doing what Nash said and letting my boner decide.  And my boner gives her two thumbs up.

Still no sex.  She came over yesterday and I had her on my bed watching a movie, but she told me she was on the rag.  Still, she gave me half a hand job and I sucked her glorious breasts.

Today she invited me to a festival that is happening in Baltimore.  I agreed to go.  I was a little hesitant at first because there’s gonna be a lot of single women there and I would have liked to sarge, however I remember last year I sarged and not one of my sarges went anywhere.  Too much stimulation for the chicks at this festival.  So fuck it, let’s go with the Bulgarian and see how many eyes I get.  I figure if I see something I really need to sarge I can pretend like it’s an old friend and go say hi.  Plus it’s supposed to rain so it might not be what it was last year anyway.


Player Vibe

Chubs from before got back in touch with me and I set up a date with her for Thursday night.  I also set up another Friday coffee date with the Bulgarian.

The Bulgarian and I had another between the one above and my last blog.  She had said how she didn’t want to hurry which was fine with me, so it kind of surprised me when she went in for a kiss at the end of the date.

I made sure to stop kissing first.  She leaned in again for another one.  Cool beans.  I’m really into her, I think she’d make a good girlfriend.  Nice body, very feminine, foreign, lots of good traits.

Thursday came around and I checked my text messages.  I saw a text canceling a date.  I assumed it was chubs, but no, it was the Bulgarian!  I didn’t see that coming.  I was reminded once again of the fickleness of the opposite sex.

I was glad I had the date set up with Chubs.  As Roissy says in the 16 Commandments of Poon, always keep two in the kitty.  Still don’t know what the kitty is, but I don’t think it matters.  The gist is keep at least two girls on rotation so you don’t get oneitits, and if one ditches you you won’t be in the land of the pussy-less.

So Thursday night I tell Chubs to meet me after my new improv class.  No good looking chicks in my improv class.  Zero.  It’s all dudes and the few girls that are in the class I am not attracted to.   But that’s okay, I want to learn improv and I know there’s good looking chicks in other classes, so I’ll suffer through.

I get to the bar five minutes late and she texts asking if I’m “here.”  Yes, but there’s no sign of her.  Come to find out she went to the wrong bar.  (Apparently there’s two bars with the same name.  I even told her what street it was on so she might not be all that bright.)

Finally after like thirty minutes she gets there blaming me like it’s my fault she’s bad with directions.  I laugh it off.  She’s definitely over weight, but has nice skin, nice lips, and she’s very young.  23.  She asks how old I am I say guess and tell her I’m 30.  I’m older than that, but I figure lying about my age isn’t that big a deal.  If things pan out I’ll tell her the truth one day and it could be a getting closer vulnerable moment (albeit manufactured.)

She’s kind of annoying and insists on taking a picture of us to send to her mom.  She keeps taking pics and keeps saying “that’s bad, stop looking like a serial killer.”  Right when I’m about done with this shit she goes, “oh that’s a good one,”  and drops it so I leave it alone.  She’s very bubbly, which I like.  But she’s like telling all her friends about me over text and I can tell I definitely have the higher SMV here, but she’s young and Bulgarian ditched me so for now I’ll eat what we got.

She says she’s gotta go.  I suggest going back to my place first for a quick guitar lesson.  She agrees.  She uses the bathroom, I use the bathroom, I come out and she’s laying on my bed.

I get on top of her.  She’s a good kisser, lots of passion.  She instantly grabbing at my dick over my jeans.  I think it’s on.  I kiss her neck.  It’s kinda gross.  Not only is it pudgy, but she’s sweaty so it tastes salty.  She says she’s gotta go again and jumps up.  She invites me to something on Sunday I agree to knowing full well I will not be going.   It just seemed easier to agree in the moment and get out of it later.

The second she leaves I jump in an uber and head to Hamden for last call.  A decent older chick, there with her friend, opens me.  I start talking about the date for some stupid reason, not my best moment.  I’m more into the girl who opened me’s friend, even though her friend is a big girl, she has a very pretty face and I’m kinda drunk so I don’t care.  Dumb move.  They decide to leave.  Biggy goes back inside to use the bathroom.  Open girl and I are talking while waiting for her uber.  I don’t even think to invite myself over as I wanna see what happens with Biggy.  Open girl leaves, Biggy comes outside and I can’t get any traction.

I head to the bar across the street.  There’s one cute girl there and one ugly.   They and two dudes are talking.  Ugly goes to leave and I start a conversation.  She has surprisingly nice tits, so I think fuck it let’s see what happens.  I tell her I’ll walk with her.  So far so good.  We get to the corner and she ditches me.   I go home fucking annoyed at my lack of game.

Not much happened on Friday.  Around dinner time I went out to get some food.  I thought I saw the Bulgarian across the street, but thought she might be with a dude so I didn’t go say hi.  It depressed me.  She’s so much better than these other chicks.   I stayed in Friday night, wanting to be good.  I’ve been drinking a lot on vacation, which is fine, but I want to get back to drinking rarely for the sake of my health, wallet, and sarge.

I got a bagel today around 1pm, and as I’m leaving the bagel shop I ran smack into the Bulgarian.  We hug and she’s normal enough.  She says she’ll walk me home.  We get to my place and I say see you later.

“Will I see you again?”

I’m surprised she says this.  I mean, she’s the one that cancelled on me.   I say yeah, I’d really like to see her again.  She starts saying how I give off a player vibe.  I say I’m not much of a player anymore, but I was.  She says she can tell.  I reiterate how much I like her, she does the same.  I pull her in for a kiss.  She does.

I send her on her way.

I text her like an hour later saying it was great seeing her.  She agrees and says she feels good that she said what she needed to say.  and that she really likes me.  I say I can’t wait to see her and we agree to get coffee tomorrow.

So that’s where I’m at.  I like her, I’d date her.  I am a little concerned that that won’t mean I stop wanting to meet other girls.  But honestly, she’s the best option I’ve had in quite a while.  But like with the Indian chick, maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself and  just like Nash said, she her more or see her less, don’t worry about anything else.

Sarge hard