Stayin’ Alive

I’m hanging onto my daygame skills by a thread.  This month I doubt I’ll see any progress.  The month is halfway over and I haven’t even done twenty sarges.  It’s freezing outside, I’m having car trouble, longer hours at work, family obligations, and voila, disappearing sarges.

  1. Soft blowout.  Little too energetic on my part.  First one in a week.  She told me where she was from, but walked away before I could stack on top of that.
  2. Longest set of the day at a minute and a half.  Got the boyfriend objection, but all in all a nice little set.
  3. Soft blow out.
  4. Soft blow out.

Super exciting sarge report.  Sorry if that blew your hair back.  I’m hoping next weekend I kick my ass into ludicrous sarge.



Just Two

I only did two sarges today.  I took my mom out for breakfast (trying to do that more, be a better son).  I was going to drive to DC like planned, but it felt like a waste of time for some reason.  Instead I headed to the local mall and did two sarges.

  1. Smoking hot chick with amazing tits.  Open/compliment/two stacks and she was giggling, she asked me where I’m from.  I told her, but I didn’t know what to say after that so I started stacking again.  Listening back this was a weird thing to do and she used a lull to tell me she was in  a rush and had to go.  What should I have done?  When she asked me where I’m from I should have made her guess.  Then I should have had a DHV story about how I used to live in LA and New York and now I’m back here, given her some conversation topics.  But I didn’t.  She was an 8.5.  I reached hook point, it was just unexpected because she was such a babe and it was my first set.  Dang it.
  2. This girl wasn’t as pretty as set #1, but she was sexy, and fashionable.  I didn’t yadstop because of the angle.  She was walking away as I delivered the first stack, but stayed to hear it.  When she told me where I’m from I used Krauser’s line from Daygame Mastery and before I could get out the meat of the stack she just walked away.

Today was one of those days where recording the set really makes a difference.  Had I not recorded set number one, I would have never noticed that I kept trying to stack after hook point, which was too much and snapped the line.  I was over working and she noticed that, thought it was weird, and walked away.  The good thing to take away from today, is that there are young, hot 8.5s that are into me.  I just need to learn to read the signs better and calibrate accordingly.  And the way to do that is with more practice.


Sarge Lots!


I just couldn’t let the day end without going back out one more time.  It’s still cold, though about 8 degrees warmer than yesterday.  I did just one sarge, but it went pretty well.  Got both stacks out then chit chatted a little, turns out she was married with a child, but still, good practice.

I have a feeling this month I’m going to fall short of 100.  I’m not too worried about it.  Seems to me January and February are the coldest too months of the year so probably the worst for daygaming.

Crazy 8

It is cold in the East.  I would hate to be homeless right now.  Having said that, I didn’t give a dime to any homeless people today and I saw a couple of them.  What a dick.

  1. Soft blowout, chubby Latina Indian looking chick.  First open in since Sunday.  I felt like I hadn’t sarged in a month.  Shit was scary and I wasn’t very good at it.
  2. I didn’t want the blowout to fuck up my state for the rest of the day so I got right to the next one.  Dark haired Ukrainian fashionista.  The beginning was pretty good.  She was giggly, she made me guess where she’s from (was that a compliance test?  if so I failed) but I stacked and she loved it, using Krauser’s stack (that shit is chick crack) but then I kind of asked questions and didn’t keep a sexy vibe going.  That I have to work on. Set lasted about two minutes.  I need to flirt more.  Flirting should be the most natural thing in the world.  Why the fuck is it so hard to do?
  3. Ah.  This chick was a CF (Circuit Fryer). Tall, good looking, fashionable.  Didn’t get to yadstop her because we were in Macy’s.  I just went in at a slight angle in front of her.  After the compliment she showed me her wedding ring.  I continued.  Got out Krauser’s stacks (they are fantastic and really get the girl in that beautiful position of being put in a box she wants to get out of).  But alas, the married thing scared me, so after stack two I bailed.  Should have pushed a little more, seen where it could go.  I forget who said it, but somebody in the community’s dad (?) said, “Let her come up with the reason to reject you,” or something like that.  I like that even though I don’t know the quote or what I’m talking about.
  4. Asian girl.  She was all smiles the whole time.  Got the open/compliment/both stacks out, she was laughing, but right afterwards she was like, “It was nice meeting you,” and bailed.  Was this a no girl or did I fuck something up?  If I could fix something, I would have made up a story fast about her answer to stack two.
  5. This chick had a hot profile, but when I got in front of her she was chubbier than I am attracted to.  Still, I figured I might as well practice.  So I threw out the open/compliment and she tells me she’s married.  I sent her on her way shortly after.
  6. Persian lady, I didn’t fully yadstop her, kinda got on the side of her.  She looked at me, but kept walking.  I left wondering if she speaks English.
  7. Indian nice tits.  I got open/compliment/stack one out, she tells me she’s going to an appointment.  I go full chode and ask what store in the mall you need appointment’s for.  She’s getting her hair done, and then she tells me she just got her nails done.  I chode out some more, she thanks me and leaves.  Aye caramba.
  8. Longest set of the day at just over fourteen minutes.  I had to freestyle a little in the beginning, eventually I got a decent stack in.   At one point I told her I’d let her go, but then that seemed to bring out the conversationalist in her.  I did a little kino, got one spike out about her lips.  She was like, “Most people compliment my smile.”  With a straight face I said, “Your smile sucks.”  She made a face like she was butthurt, but then she kind of joked around.  There was two times she gave me weird faces, but overall it was okay.  Only thing, it was a lot of chode chit chat.  I am great at chode chit chat.  If there was an award for chode chit chat, I would win hands down.  I kid, but I do think the ability to engage in chode chit chat can help the sarge, but only when used in moderation.  It’s great to show the girl you can be normal, but there has to be a balance.  Anyways, when I felt like the set had gone on about ten minutes I tried to get an insta-date out of her.  She turned me down but I got her facebook.

I went home after the crazy 8 opens above, but first walked once around the harbor in the cold and weaseled on the only two sets I saw.  It was just too cold.   The above sets were in a mall, so they weren’t that bad.  I plan on repeating that tomorrow.

I’m not thinking/acting sexually enough.  After the open/compliment/stacks I’m rushing into the chode chit chat.  This is where I need to introduce one more story about the girl that puts her in a box she doesn’t want to be in.  After that, hopefully she hooks, then after that I can do a little chode chit chatting.  But not too early.  I’m jumping to it too early.  Girls want a sexual man who knows how to push the right buttons, not a gay best friend.   I’m getting there, it’s just a slower process than I ever would have thought.

But I have faith I’ll get there.


Sarge Hard

Daygame Stats 2017

Month Sets   NC/FB iD KC D Near Miss Bng
January 20 0 0 0 0 0 0
February 46 2 0 0 0 0 0
March 29 4 0 0 0 0 0
April 40 1 0 0 0 0 0
May 63 8 0 0 0 0 0
June 31 9 0 0 0 0 0
July 93 8 2 2 2 0 0
August//September 44 4 0 0 0 0 0
October 43 3 0 1 2 1 0
November 101 9 0 0 0 0 0
December 116 9 2 0 1 0 0

Well, there they are in all their glory.  Not great, not great.

Despite how they look, I feel optimistic.  I stuck to my goal of 100 sets a month in both November and December.  I’m getting contact details at a rate of about 1 in 10.  Only one date in December, but I did get two idates.  One thing I’m not keeping track of is length of sets that aren’t blow outs.  I’m getting tons of blow outs, but on average I think my interactions are lasting longer.   And ever since I added the tease to the compliment stack, I’m getting better interactions.


  1. I’m putting in the time.
  2. The yadstop
  3. Open/compliment
  4. Eye contact
  5. Recording/analyzing sets


  1. Not enough push.
  2. Slipping into chode chit chat too early
  3. Too many questions when I’m nervous
  4. Weaseling on in-store and stationary sets
  5. Weaseling on girls walking too fast/on phone/bitchy looking
  6. No DHV stories
  7. Not qualifying girls
  8. Not enough kino
  9. Not enough spikes
  10. Not going for idates
  11. Not enough compliance tests
  12. Text game
  13. Premature eject-ulation

2018 looks promising.  I will have to think about what my specific goals for the year are as related to daygame.  Obviously I’d like to actually get laid from it, but other than that I’m not sure.  In the meantime I will keep up 100 approaches a month and try to improve on my weaknesses.  Happy New Year everybody.

Sarge Hard

We Got a Runner!

Last sarge of the day was one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had daygaming.  Today was a good day.  Got a couple of contact infos from chicks, I’m on my way to getting Krauser’s opener/stack/compliment down, I’m having fun.   Tonight I’m meeting up with a friend for New Year’s Eve and tomorrow I plan on finishing a cartoon, writing some pages in a secret project, and getting my apartment clean.  Life is good.

  1. Asian chick.  I flubbed the opener.  She was giggling when I said she didn’t have the crazy political look in her eye, but she bailed on me.  Was she a no girl or did I just mess up the opener?  I guess I’ll never know.  My goal today was to  not weasel so much.  She was one of the first girls I saw and I didn’t want to open her, but I forced myself to.  Felt good.
  2. Older chick with big boobs from Trinidad.  Those boobs.  They were magnificent.  I didn’t think she would open well, but she did.  I got the first stack out well, called her crazy, she giggled.  But the second stack she didn’t like, she corrected me and then I slipped into talking about boring stuff and she excused herself.  This sarge to me was the kind I need to get better at.  The maybe girls.  She was having fun when I called her crazy, but lost interest when I switched into the chode chit chat.  If I would have been thinking clearly I would have teased her one more time.  I can’t switch to chode chit chat until after she’s interested.  I need to ingrain that in my muscle memory.
  3. Babe no girl.  Things with her went in this order.  Open, compliment, stack, bye bye.
  4. This chick didn’t really do it for me too much, but I decided it don’t cost nuthin’ to open and gets you in a warmed up mood.  She was a slightly chubby looking Mexican chick with a shapely body.   It’s amazing how easy it is to sarge when you truly don’t give a shit how the interaction goes.  I handled the opener/compliment/stack fucking flawlessly, then followed it up with another great stack.  She was loving it.  I sent her on her way as she was married and I wasn’t really interested, but that was a great run of the LDM.  Go me.
  5. This chick was thick, but pretty.  Grey North Face fleece and black yoga pants.   Giggly, got the stacks out pretty well.  The recording was barely audible so I’m not sure how it ended, but it only lasted about 45 seconds.
  6. Longest set of the day at 11 minutes.  She ended it, and I think I know why.  Do you?  If you guessed too much chode chit chat and not enough sexual spiking and kino, you guessed right!  But hey, the beginning was good.   Should have gone for the number, but I just let her go.
  7. This chick had a black hat, black shirt, and black nails.  I messed with her saying she looked like a spy.  She said she was just having a bad hair day.   I got her facebook, but she was kinda weird about it.  I checked her facebook when I got home.  She had some dumb #metoo story about a guy kissing her against her will.   He grabbed her shoulders!  She didn’t enjoy it!  Oh the humanity!
  8. Blonde Latina chick.  She was sexy, but I flubbed the stack and she ditched me.
  9. Dang it.  I bailed on this one.  Why am I still doing dumb shit like that?  She was Lebanese and high fashion.  Skipped the first stack and went right to the second one, ran out of steam, and ended it early, but not before dropping some chode chit chat.  Rookie mistakes.
  10. The beginning I was all over the place with this one.  I plowed right over her topic of spin class to stick to my pirate stack (she had skulls and cross bones on her yoga pants)  I asked too many questions, brought up too many topics.  Still, set lasted about four minutes.   I let her go when I found out she’s leaving to go back to Boston tomorrow.  I wasn’t going to get her out on New Year’s Eve.  I’m glad I opened her.  She looked like a six, but when I opened her, she emanated a nice sexuality.  I could have handled the sarge  better, but hey, that’s why I’m out there practicing.
  11. Ten minute sarge.  Long tan jacket, sneakers.  From Jordan.  I’m not going to listen to it right now, she ended it.  I have a feeling I was boring her with chode chit chat.  She told me her Instagram, when I looked it up I couldn’t find her.  Maybe it was bull shit.
  12. Older Afghan chick.  Sexy though.  Giggly, skipped the first stack.  Had nowhere to go after the second stack.  Asked too many questions and she was going to work anyway.  Let her go.
  13. This chick was gorgeous.  A little older, but could have been a model when she was younger.  Elegant, refined, well dressed, nice nails, high cheek bones.  I had to open.  My yadstop was weak, and she said she had a fiancé right away.  I tried to plow, and she stood there smiling from ear to ear, but I didn’t stick to the basic assumption stacks and she said she had to go she was in a rush.  I have a feeling if I would have gotten the assumption stacks out correctly, I might have had a longer interaction.  But I’ll never know.
  14. Indian chick with a nice ass.  I was on the fence about opening her.  Glad I did.  I was great at teasing her and fought right through the boyfriend objection and got her facebook.  She seemed into it.  Asking  me questions, definitely reached hook point.  I teased her that she looked like a lumberjack.  Things were light and sexual.  Skipped the first stack again, but it didn’t matter.  Promising set.
  15. Last set of the day.  Funniest set of the day.  I had seen this girl multiple times throughout the day, however she was always too far away, or in a shop, so I never had a chance to open her, but I really wanted to.  Asian, nice shiny black hair, black yoga pants,and yellow sweatshirt.  She had great posture, sticking her big tits out for all to see.  She was tiny.  I couldn’t tell at all how old she was, but I didn’t care.  As I was about to leave and go home I spotted her.  I gave chase and opened her with a big old yadstop.  “I know this is crazy, but I was just walking by and I saw you and I thought you were cute so I thought I’d say hi.”  She stopped and stared at me.  I started to wonder if she spoke English.  I continued. “You don’t look like you’re from DC, you look like you’re from somewhere far away.”  And with that, she ducked and then literally fucking ran away.  It was one of the funniest interactions I’ve ever had in my life.

So that was it.  Last sets of 2017.  I’m going out tonight with a friend, so I might do some opens, but not daygame opens.

What I want to focus on in 2018.  Get the LDM down pat.  I’m still fucking up the basics.  I haven’t bothered to learn any disqualifications, I haven’t bothered to create any DHV stories, I haven’t bothered to learn any qualifiying questions.  I’m putting in the practice, which is most important, but there’s no excuse not to have the technical aspects down as well.  Time to take my game to the next level.

Sarge Correctly!

Three Sarges (Weasel Day)

I weaseled quite a bit today.  Just couldn’t get into the groove.  Part of the reason was none of the sets out there were really doing it for me, not to mention I couldn’t see their bodies on account of how bundled up the girls are because of the cold.  Whatever, I ended up doing three all told.  Not great, but it felt like progress today.  Tomorrow I am driving out to DC where the sets are higher quality and there’s more of them.  My plan is a minimum of ten.

  1. This chick was thick, with green leggings on and a big white fur lined coat.  She looked like the kind of thick chick who has big tits, but I think they were actually on the smaller side.  Still, her face was pretty so I went for it.  My delivery was good.  I did a variation of Krauser’s opener from Daygame Mastery.  After I hit her with the stack (which for once in my life included a tease like I’m supposed to) she said, “Thanks?”   and ditched me.  Adding the tease is a little scary.  It’s making me realize I am usually all pull and no push.  I’m actually scared to push.  I’m glad I’m recognizing that.
  2. This chick was a little chubby, but had big breasts.  She had dark curly hair.  She was petrified at first.  I did the open, compliment, stack including push, and she still looked freaked out.  I played bashful saying my mom said I should avoid girls from Baltimore and she was like, “You should listen to your mom.  I’m engaged anyway.”  Funny, she acted all scared, but had no problem breaking my balls at the same time.  Weird chick, I wonder what kind of game she was playing.
  3. Unfortunately this was the last set of the day.  Jewish chick I think, on account of the menorah on her sweat shirt.  Open, compliment, stack with push included, she corrected me on assumption, thanked me, and ditched me.  In the moment it felt very positive, listening to the recording it sounds like maybe she was butthurt.  Hard to tell.

So yeah.  Today was a scary day.  It’s funny, I don’t get butterflies in my stomach anymore when it comes to approaching, but I still weasel.  Adding the push to the stack, wow, that’s a game changer.  I like it.  Keeps the conversation flirty and paints me a little bit like a bad boy.  I predict in the next two months I will convert more conversations to numbers and idates, but also have a shit load of no girls excusing themselves in the first minute.  We’ll see.


New Year’s Resolution

I go back and forth on whether New  Year’s Resolutions are a good idea.  If you cared enough, you probably would have fixed shit during the year.  All the same, I’ve been taking steps in the right direction, but there’s always other shit I could be doing.  So here goes my New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Continue not drinking.  It’s been almost two months since I’ve had any alcohol, and I feel a hell of a lot better without it.  Drinking is bad for my health, bad for my wallet, and bad for the sarge.
  2. Continue practicing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This week I’ve been lax about it, but I’m going tomorrow morning.  Now that I’ve gotten a co-worker addicted to going, should be easy to keep up the momentum of going three nights a week.  Self defense is an area of my life I’ve never gotten under control and because of that I am constantly feeling like less of a  man.  The time is now to take control and learn how to defend myself.
  3. Get promoted.  While this is not totally in my control, parts of it are.  I will continue to try hard at my job and embrace the uncomfortable and difficult aspects of it.  I am on the right track, but the next couple months are the toughest of the year.  I just have to grin and bear it.  I can do it.
  4. Get laid from cold approach.  Ideally get laid from running the LDM in its entirety.  Re-reading Daygame Mastery I can see clearly now what I’m doing right and what I need to work on.  The great thing about the LDM is not only is it field tested, but one can quickly see where one’s weaknesses lie.  By this time next year I hope to be running the LDM with unconscious competence.
  5. Related to Goal #4 is my system of doing 100 hundred approaches a month.  I want to keep my sarging at that amount all of next year.
  6. Get my diet under control.  I am eating like shit lately.  It could be because of getting alcohol out of the picture.  My body craves sugar.  Too much fast food, red meat, and simple carbohydrates.  My plan is intermittent fasting, healthy lunches, and fish and veggies for dinner most nights.  This is the area I’m struggling with the most.  I just need to remember that a healthy diet leads to a smaller waistline, which leads to a higher SMV, which leads to more tail.   Keep it simple stupid.
  7. Read every night.  I’m doing this a fair amount.  Not much, but a couple of pages.  I’d like to get to the point where I’m spending an hour reading a night.  I have many books sitting around that I have yet to finish.  Win Bigly, The Way of the Superior Man, The Power of Positive Thinking, Awaken the Giant Within, Emotions Revealed.  I want to have read them.  Hell, bonus goal:  Do a book report on each book I finish.  See what I actually learned.   If I do this, I will post them here.  I like this impromptu goal.
  8. Become informed and develop my own opinions.  Too many times I pick a side of an issue without doing any kind of digging into the issues myself and making my own informed opinions.  I read on facebook so many people with their uninformed opinions and I want to be the guy that refutes what they say with a well thought out, well researched counter-point.  Well guess what, that takes actual work.  Time to man up, do some fucking research and think critically instead of being a thoughtless sheep.   Time to actually think!
  9. I set a goal of creating three episodes of a cartoon I made a couple months ago.  So far I’ve finished 1 and a half.  There’s no reason I won’t finish all three.  Just have to do it.  Hell, I plan on finishing the first draft of the second one on New Year’s Day.  I also want to write the pilot episode of a show I have been talking about for years this year.  I’m on the fence of another cartoon project, but this one is extremely ambitious.  I’ll think about that project after I’ve finished the first two I mentioned.
  10. Enjoy myself.  I have my own apartment, I don’t have the burden and responsibility of kids and a wife, I have the job I wanted when I was in school, I’m making enough money to afford the lifestyle I want.  I have my weekends all to myself.  Things are going really fucking good.  I feel like I’m experiencing what I will one day consider the good old days.  Fucking enjoy it.


Christmas Break Sarges

Yesterday I did ten sets, today I did five.  I’m experiencing a lot of blow outs lately.  Has my game gotten shittier or is it just the time of year?  The blowouts are causing me to fuck up the few sets that aren’t blowing out.   It’s like I’m so relieved I’m not getting blown out that I’m hiding my dick and going for chode chit chat to prolong the interaction, which is having the opposite effect.  Girls are ditching me before hook point.  Argh.  Gotta remember to tease/flirt hard in the beginning, leave the chode chit chat to her beta orbiters.   Anyway, here’s the sets.

Wednesday 12/27

  1. Weak yad stop.  Don’t remember it, can barely hear anything on the recording.  It was the only stop of the day.

Thursday 12/28

  1. Soft blow out.  Older fashionista lady.
  2. Wonky open.  I commented on her jacket being part biker jacket part girly jacket, then switched to guessing where she was from in a not graceful way, but she was digging it.  She’s a songwriter and we talked about bullshit for ten minutes.  I never spiked, I never kino-ed.  I ended it.  I was going to invite her for a coffee (insta-date) but just didn’t feel like it.  Of course as soon as I walked away I wanted to kick myself for not doing the insta-date.  Who knows what could have happened.   However the conversation had felt way more friendly than sexual, which is partly why I bailed.
  3. I don’t remember what she looked like, but the title of the recording is “babe” so she must have been cute.  I bounced from topic to topic, I didn’t flirt or tease.  I instead talked about boring work and Christmas shopping.  And she ditched me after a minute.
  4. Total babe in all black.  She ditched me ten seconds in as she was late for work.
  5. Asian 6, soft blow out.
  6. Another babe blow out.
  7. Another soft blow out, mall worker chick.
  8. English beauty.  Set lasted about two minutes.  Another set killed my boring chode chit chat.   CCC will be the death of me.
  9. I switched to the more expensive, yet smaller mall across the way.  I opened a sophisticated older lady with nice tits in a tight red shirt and snow bunny jacket.  She giggled when I said she was going on an arctic adventure, but excused herself as she was late for work.
  10. I wouldn’t call this a harsh blow out, but I wouldn’t call it a soft blow out either.  She thanked me for the compliment, then shut me down with another “thank you” when I tried to stack and walked away.

Friday 12/29

  1. I want to die.  Red head with high cheek bones.  Unique looking.  Another death by chode chit chat set, thought it lasted three minutes.  She had to leave to go to a job interview.
  2. I blew myself out accidentally.  A weak yadstop followed by telling her she looked like she was in high school.  She looked pissed, said she wasn’t in high school and walked off.
  3. Blonde blow out.
  4. Kind of a weird body, but pretty face.  Death by CCC.  Kill me.   Two minute set.
  5. Blow out, blonde.

Remember what I said in the beginning?  It’s fucking true.  I am slipping into chode chit chat so fast.   I must be scared or something.  I need to work on my teasing.   Badly.  I am in the consciously incompetent phase right now.   I need to remember to be sexual.  Keep it light and flirty.  Even when I guess where she’s from, say it with a sexy under current, because these girls are ditching me because I’m being boring.  I didn’t realize it, but now I do.  Inside they’re probably thinking like Maxine in the bar scene in Being John Malkovich.  Can’t blame them.

Back Sarges

The first 2/3 or December were tough.  I was recording my sets, but I wasn’t writing them down because I had a lot of awful sarges.  One step forward, two steps back.  They were rough and I don’t think I’m going to hit 100 for the month of December, unless I go balls to the wall the next couple days.

(That’s wrong.  I just counted them up, I’m at 80, so 100 should actually be no problem. Thank God. )


  1. Finish girl.  Boyfriend.  Set lasted eight minutes and I got her number.  She never responded to the ping.
  2. Blow out, chubby jogger chick with well droopy swingers.
  3. Bad cold read chick.  She didn’t like my cold read and I kept going with it.  Lesson learned, if she’s not into the stack, switch fucking stacks.
  4. Used the David Bowie opinion opener in store.  She wasn’t interested.
  5. Asian chick with funky hat.  Got her number.  Never responded to the ping.
  6. Wonky set Skinny Girl.  Don’t remember this one.
  7. Milf with huge tits, but flat ass.  Pretty much a blow out.
  8. Chick with too much make up.  Blow out.


  1. I ran after this chick.  I think she saw me and I spooked her.  Blow out.
  2. Another blow out.
  3. Long set, but it was mostly chode chit chat.  Don’t remember what she looked like.
  4. Blow out.
  5. Cutey.  Too much chode chit chat and joking around.  Two minute set.
  6. Chick in an Eagles jersey.  Decent length set, got her number.  Never responded to any pings.
  7. Married Kuwaiti chick.  Didn’t go anywhere.
  8. Hot black chick with her tits hanging out.  Blow out.
  9. Chick was not interested in me, though it lasted a minute or two.
  10. External interrupt.   No number.
  11. Harsh blow out.
  12. My notes read, “Short model beautiful hair.”  Looks like it lasted about eighteen minutes.   We chatted in store.  She was a  fox.  I should have gotten her to go for a coffee.  She had a kid she told me.  Wasn’t with the baby daddy.  She tried to sell me some fucking greeting cards at the end of the set.  I laughed at her and said no.  She was trying to frame herself as the prize.  She said she didn’t have a phone or social media.  She was an interesting character.  Sadly, I’ll probably never see her again.  Might be a blessing in disguise.
  13. Huge tits blow out.
  14. Married blow out.
  15. She was an 8, we chatted, she had a boyfriend, she wasn’t interested in me.  I say that, but she stayed in set about three minutes so maybe I’m an idiot and I listened to her words instead of her actions.


  1. Got this chick’s facebook.  She was an okay chick.  Nothing special.  I looked her up.  We have a friend in common.  Her pictures didn’t look great.  I never bothered to send her a friend request.
  2. Harsh blow out.


  1. Five minute set.  Chick’s married.  Didn’t go nowhere.  I gotta be spiking.
  2. Soft blow out.


  1. Cute blonde glasses had boyfriend.  Two minute set.
  2. Ha, this chick was a mom waiting for her kids.  Kinda trashy with nice tits.  Wonder if I could have interested her in a bathroom pull.  Maybe  if I was a better hard sarger.
  3. Hot babe.  Long set at 7 minutes.  Not gonna listen right now, but I am curios how it went.  I bet lots of CCC.


  1. Aww.  This poor girl.  I sarged her, Asian, pretty face.  Insta-dated her.  We got a coffee.  I noticed her hand looked weird.  On closer inspection she was missing two fingers.  I was a little wierded out, but tried not to worry about it.  Then I saw her other hand.  Deformed.  She was sassy, she was interested, but I was grossed out.  I’m a real asshole.  Then again, if she wasn’t so sassy and was more feminine maybe I could have gotten past it.


  1. Weak in-store pick up.  Went nowhere.


  1. I bailed.  She had an engagement ring.
  2. Blow out fashionista Asian chick.
  3. Asian chick wearing all pink.  Total blow out, she said nothing, just walked around me.
  4. Seated set in Starbucks.  Couple minute convo.  Ultimately went nowhere.


  1. I bailed, some chick from Colorado.
  2. Work out girl scary.  Apparently this set lasted about five minutes.
  3. Soft blow out.
  4. Russian chick, gave me nothing to work with.  Blow out.
  5. Asian blonde fashionista.  Not much of a set.
  6. I opened her, but she was like, “Walk with me,”  and I turned her down.  She had great tits.
  7. Blow out big legs.
  8. Italian 8.  I couldn’t shut up about spaghetti.  At first it was funny, then it was retarded.  She excused herself.  She was an 8 or maybe even a 9.
  9. Milf soft blow out.
  10. Married soft blow out.
  11. Boyfriend blow out.
  12. Iranian married.  Maybe this set could have gone somewhere, but I was too concerned about the husband.
  13. Nice tits married.  Another one that maybe could have gone somewhere, but I was too pre-occupied with the fact that she was married.  If the chick stays in set, I need to consider it on.  I need to ingrain that in my memory.
  14. H&M blow out.  Great tits.


  1. 8.  She was scary with big weird pants.  Pretty much a blow out.
  2. Not bad stack, but it went nowhere.
  3. Pink motorcycle jacket.  I opened her in the street instead of waiting for the sidewalk.  Not smart.
  4. Stationary blonde cougar.  Long convo.  Can’t be bothered to listen right now.
  5. Young hottie, I couldn’t get all the way around and she gave me a bad look and walked away.  I saw her again later, but couldn’t reopen as I was full of shame.


  1. Ha, I had a gulp in my throat like in a movie when approaching her.  It went nowhere.


  1. Ugh.  Awful set.  Weird book off.  I may have already written about this set.

Blow Outs Galore

I have off this week, which is nice.  First Christmas break I haven’t had to study in two and a half years.  Moon Rooster and Attraction are in town.  Tonight we’re seeing the Disaster Artist.  I already saw it, but I liked it enough that I don’t mind seeing it again.  Attraction is now married and has a baby on the way, so no sarging for him.  I don’t know what’s the deal with Moon Rooster.  I tried to get him to come out and sarge but he decided to restring his guitar and spend all day at the gym.  I called him out, said he’s weaseling, he didn’t like that.  On one hand I get it.  Sarging is hard, hard work and it’s not always rewarding.  It requires a certain perseverance and iron constitution.  If you don’t have all your other ducks in a row unrelated to pick up, it’s too much for some people.  I remember back a couple years ago when I was living at home with my dad, going to school and working at Starbucks.  I was a wreck.  I was a man in transition.  All that fucked with my self esteem and I couldn’t bring myself to sarge.  I didn’t feel like I was bringing enough value.  Now it’s different.  My ducks are in a row for the most part.  It took a while to get here, but I’ve arrived.  I think Moon Rooster is going through a transitional phase so he doesn’t feel good enough about himself to sarge.  Of course he’d never admit that, instead he’d use his defense mechanisms to make fun of me for sarging.  Then again, who knows.  How the fuck could I possibly know what goes on in the head of another man.  I can concentrate on myself and that’s about it.  Onto the sarges:

  1. Hot, slow walking Asian chick in a skirt.  Figured it would be easy.  “I know this is crazy –”  I said and she cut me off, “No, sorry.”  And kept walking.
  2. Another Asian,  I didn’t want to have the first girl fuck me up for Asians the rest of the day, so I opened this one.  She was giggling, I tried stacking, but it was kind of boring stacks, no teasing, after about forty five seconds she excused herself.
  3. Puerto Rican chick.  She thanked me when I complimented her, but when I went to stack she realized what I was up to, said thank you in a very “this is over” sort of way and walked off.
  4. Longest set of the day at 7 minutes.  She had this black jacket with brass buttons.  I made up some stack about how it’s half New York fashion, half Civil War period piece, and that got her attention.  We bantered about that for a little, joking that she was from the future, but she’s going back to the Civil War.  Conversation flowed okay, I made statements, peppered in questions.  I’m winging too much shit.  I’m not prepared with DHVs and a couple of good open ended questions to get her talking, not to mention some qualifying stuff.  Towards the end her feet looked like she wanted to go, when she did I disqualified myself saying it would never work between us.  She agreed, so it kind of backfired, but she stayed in set.   Another minute or two and I turned into a chicken and ejected from the set.  Fuck me, why do I do that to myself.
  5. Don’t remember this chick.  My recording calls this set “Bad Yad.”  It was a blow out.
  6. This chick was hot with a capital Oh!  She blew me out when I said “I know this is crazy,”  but she turned around when I continued and said,  “I thought you were cute.”  She walked away.  I’m wondering if I should have reopened her since she turned  back.  I’m still not comfortable doing that.   I wonder if I’ll ever be.
  7. Asian high end fashion chick.   Soft blow out.
  8. Another blow out from a hottie.
  9. This chick was most likely a model.   She was too hot not to approach.  I opened, she quickly looked me up and down, then walked around me.  My yad stop was weak.  There just wasn’t enough room in front of her for a proper one.
  10. I had seen this lady earlier.  Glasses, freckles, long maroon jacket and semi see through shirt accentuating the black bra hugging her nice C or D cup breasts.  Again, not enough room for a proper yad, so had to get next to her.  Wasn’t enough, she smiled and walked away.  Another one I’m wondering if I should have done a second open on.  One of these days I’m gonna do that.

So that was it for today.  Only decent set I got scared and bailed early.  But even with as many blow outs as I had, didn’t have one stinger in the bunch.  Except maybe the very first one, but even that one was not that bad.

Lessons for today.  I don’t know.  Tease.  Stick to my where she’s from stack and tease unless there’s something so glaring about her I have to stack about it.  Powerful yadstops.  Need to figure out how to operate when there’s just not enough room for strong yad stops.  Asked out Lebanese 8.  Waiting for a response.  If she gets back to me and we go out, this will be a day 2 or 3, depending how you keep score.  Second proper date.  She wears too much make up, but she has great tits.  I’m hoping to get them in my mouth one day soon.  We’ll see.

Lunch with an old friend from Hollywood tomorrow, so no sarging, at least not until late in the afternoon.

Feeling optimistic at the moment.